About us

We are a privately held company founded by a team of expert clinicians and technologists. We offer an innovative health screening service that matches the speed and analytical capability of digital applications with the personal approach of a nurse to carry out private, discreet health checks for employees and the general public.

We are deeply committed to helping people understand their state of health, enabling them to make changes to their lifestyle.


As the long-term No. 1 provider of highly effective outreach health screening services to the NHS, we have unmatched expertise in both the public and private sector. We are very proud of the influence we have had in alerting organisations to health issues within their workforce or community.

Our Vision & Experience

At ToHealth, we believe that every health screen we manage touches the life of the patient and contributes to changing society’s perception of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle.

We work to inform, inspire and encourage HR Teams, Health Care Professionals, CEOs and MDs to make significant changes in their approach to managing the health of their teams and to provide real occupational therapy tools that encourage individual behavioural change.[/pixel_one_half][pixel_one_half]




Need more information?contact-us

If you would like more information on our wider range of services, please do get in touch with us using the below details:

Telephone:  0800 014 1982
Website Contact Us: https://tohealthltd.co.uk/contact/
Email: info@tohealthltd.co.uk