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    Our complete workplace wellness solutions develop and enhance workplace health according to employer needs.

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    ToHealth’s Workplace Wellbeing Services for Employers

    Founded by expert clinicians and technologists, ToHealth offers innovative health screening services that provide an integrated approach to health and wellbeing in the workplace. By blending the speed and analytical capability of digital applications with the personal approach of qualified staff, our confidential workplace health services for employees promote workplace wellness and greater corporate resilience.

    For employers across the UK, employee health and wellbeing has never been so important. Our workplace wellbeing solutions cover all aspects of employee wellness from mental health to blood testing to lifestyle advice. Whatever your requirements, our flexible approach to wellness and wellbeing in the workplace can be relied upon to deliver a healthier and better-informed workforce ready to meet evolving business goals and challenges. 

    Organisations can trust ToHealth to deliver professional workplace wellbeing services that are reliable, affordable and facilitate evolving growth.


    Dr. Sandeep Singh Sadhra

    MBChB MRCGP Dip Occ Med

    Sandeep currently leads our ethical and clinical governance and is a very knowledgeable GP where he currently practices on a part-time basis. When not in his GP practice Sandeep works within Occupational Health and PAM’s specialist assessment division.  Sandeep is known for his empathetic manner and expertise within the GP and Occupational Health sector. He thrives on putting the patient first and continues to keep updated through CPD, working groups and ensuring individuals have access to personalised screening and validated tests which improve overall health and wellbeing.

    Sandeep has always had a particular interest in mental health and recognises how personal wellbeing and preventative medicine can support an individual to be the “best version” of themselves which ultimately improves mental health.

    Our Services


    Health Assessments

    To make better workplace wellness decisions, employers need accurate information about employee health and wellbeing. Our health and risk assessments offer flexibility, ease-of-access and comprehensive reporting. Whether in the workplace, or at one of our many clinics across the UK, employees and employers can discover unique insights about both personal health and overall workplace wellbeing

    Depending on the package chosen, our workplace wellness assessments may cover: blood tests and analysis (including blood pressure), body composition, lung health, cancer tests, mental health, physical activity factors and post-assessment support.

    They make a tangible employee benefit which empowers individuals to take proactive steps to improve individual wellbeing and promote health at work. They’re also an identifiable hallmark of a progressive and employee-focused employer.

    Corporate & Workplace Wellness Services

    Optimum wellness and wellbeing in the workplace is a desirable goal for employers across the UK. Our workplace wellbeing solutions cover all aspects of nurturing healthy employees, encouraging physical activity and tackling work-related illness. They’re ideal for promoting a healthy message to employees and fostering workplace health

    We work with employers to provide bespoke workplace health services based around the unique requirements of an organisation. Whether devising an inclusive wellbeing strategy, developing a comprehensive wellness programme or hosting a one-off corporate health day, employers count on ToHealth to guide and implement their workplace wellness needs.

    Our health experts and qualified wellness professionals are well-equipped to help employers across all sectors of industry anticipate and deal with all workplace health and wellbeing needs.
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    Neurodiversity in the Workplace

    The contemporary workplace demands employer action focused on the unique workplace health requirements of each individual employee. Embracing neurodiversity is an integral part of this process.

    A neurodiverse workforce is capable of bringing unique skills, ideas and problem-solving techniques to meet the challenges inherent in today’s business world. Mental health challenges, learning barriers such as dyslexia, or developmental disabilities such as autism are no longer insurmountable obstacles to workplace success.

    With an accurate assessment of individual needs and the correct support structure, all employees can have an equal chance of performing to their potential in today’s workplace.


    Encourage Workplace Health

    Give employees the information, tools and strategies they need to make better health and wellbeing decisions.

    Identify Action Areas

    Find out where workplace wellbeing solutions are best implemented. Give employees awareness of potential personal health risks too.

    Develop Wellness Strategies

    Be ready to deal with workplace wellbeing challenges by working with ToHealth to devise proactive approaches to employee health.

    Create Business Advantages

    Decrease employee absenteeism and the costs associated with staff-absence management while increasing capacity and business potential.

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