Business Case ROI

Why Offer Health & Wellbeing Services?

Providing Health & Wellbeing services at work is an opportunity for employers to enhance employee engagement and productivity and reduce absenteeism. ToHealth work with employers to support their vision and aim to enhance their position as an employer of choice, by prioritising staff health and wellbeing.

Business Benefits

tickImproving Employee Engagement tickDecreased Presenteeism tickIncreasing Employee Productivity
tickImproving Workplace Morale tickBecoming an Employer of Choice tickAttracting the best talent
tickReducing Absenteeism tickReducing Long term absence tickHealthier Workforce

graphThe Statistics

Sources: Black & Frost, 2011; Health and wellbeing at work: a survey of employees, 2014; Labour Sources – Force Survey, various years; Vaughan-Jones & Barham, 2010; Routes onto Employment and Support Allowance, 2011

ROI – Through Anonymised Data Reports

ToHealth provide employers with a detailed suite of reports that enables you to analyse key health & wellbeing metrics that provide employers with key insights that will support them to better define their overall health and wellbeing stratergy thus showing employers a positive ROI.


Why Work With ToHealth?

ToHealth specialise in providing Health & Wellbeing services which are proactive and educational, focusing on helping your staff understand the key principles of prevention and maintenance of good health. In addition the benefits of early diagnosis can be far-reaching effectively allowing future health problems to be minimised.

Given 80% of chronic diseases are preventable; our approach is focused and targeted to provide you with maximum value and results.

ToHealth provide solutions to suit an employer’s specific requirements to an agreed budget with a view to delivering high quality and cost-effective services.

By choosing to work with ToHealth you will be assured you will get maximum value from your budget as well as effective and high impact services which are tailored to meet and exceed your specific needs.

feedbackEmployee Feedback

• 94% would like to repeat the health screen on a regular basis
• 84% would recommend a health screen conducted by ToHealth to a friend or colleague
• 75% of employers believe the health screen had a ‘definitely positive’ effect on their staff
• 96% of our customers rated the ToHealth service as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’


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