Coller Case Study

coller capital logoColler capitalises on ToHealth to improve staff well-being

Private Equity company Coller Capital specialises in the secondaries market and has 120 employees based at its London HQ

With offices in London, New York and Hong Kong, many of Coller Capital’s 120 UK staff spend hours each week travelling or sitting in meetings.

Proactive on employee health and wellbeing

Such a sedentary lifestyle can leave employees at risk of health issues, and that’s without the added daily pressures and challenges for Coller’s staff from working in the demanding private equity industry.

Wanting to be proactive in improving the health and wellbeing of the employees was key for Senior HR Manager Lesley Mackinnon – and that is why she chose ToHealth’s onsite health screenings to provide an effective and accessible intervention.



Employer’s responsibility

Lesley believes looking after your staff, both intellectually and medically, whatever their age, goes hand in hand for a responsible business.

She says: “We had take-up from people in their late 20s
 to early 40s and the feedback has all been very positive. Thanks to the personalised reports we received, many have now changed their lifestyle.

As a response to the screenings, Coller Capital now has a running club, boxing club and charity bike rides plus a workforce thinking more carefully about their weight while eating more healthily.

Lesley adds: “Everyone thought the ToHealth screenings were very beneficial and it gave the company a morale boost as our colleagues really appreciated us looking after them.”
“What made the real difference for them was the ToHealth screening being carried out by a qualified nurse. And for us as a company we could achieve a really good overview of health at such a reasonable price.”

Senior HR Manager Lesley Mackinnon – Coller Capital’s



On-site health screens

Lesley explains: “Having the screenings onsite meant our employees needed just half an hour away from their desks, which is key for such busy people. ToHealth were not invasive or intrusive either.

“I’d only booked ToHealth to come in for one day but those 10 slots filled up within 10 minutes. We did eight days in the end and will repeat it every year based on positive feedback as to how helpful it was.”

She adds: “Our company is our staff. We wouldn’t be here without them. So we need a healthy workforce. People invest their money with us so need to have faith and trust we will be available.”