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How a health check helped me change my life

I found the health check by chance when I went shopping.

At the first point of contact, I was reassured about my fear of needles and blood. The place was nice, clean and hygienic. The nurses who took me through the health check were very professional and the advice given to me was very useful.

The printouts were very clear and everything was explained very thoroughly and I was told how I could improve my life. Everything was explained to me very clearly by the nurses. The help given from all the ToHealth staff was very professional and helpful.

As soon as I got home I decided to make some changes. The first was to make an appointment with my GP. The second was to make changes to my lifestyle. I got rid of all the sweets in the house and started eating food with a low GI index. I eat less salt and am now eating less meats and foods with high cholesterol. I now eat seeded bread instead of white bread. I became more active after they said that doing 30 minutes of exercise a day 5 times a week would be very good for my health. I now feel much fitter and have lost a bit of weight.

I feel better and more positive about my health. I’m happy because I now know the problem and have been told how I can manage it. This is better than not knowing at all.

If the health check wasn’t at there, I wouldn’t have known about my diabetes and so I wouldn’t be able to control it. It really saved my life.

Mr A, Holloway

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