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    ToHealth’s corporate wellness solutions safeguard employee health in the workplace and encourage physical and mental wellbeing for all.

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    Promoting Wellness at Work

    Everyone wants to work to their full potential but physical and mental health barriers can often inhibit performance. ToHealth’s corporate wellness packages help employees safeguard their health and strengthen their personal resilience. Healthy employees are the foundation of overall corporate wellbeing and an important investment for any organisation.  

    ToHealth are a leading corporate wellbeing provider in the UK. Our services promote wellbeing for employees through awareness sessions, training, health assessments and on-going support. Packages are designed to meet distinct business requirements, specialised workforce needs and specific enterprise goals. 

    A healthy workforce is able to meet immediate business targets and be prepared for future challenges. Taking a proactive approach to corporate wellness strengthens an organisation’s commitment to health and integrates positive wellbeing choices and care into company culture. 

    Our Services

    Wellness Days

    Engage your staff with a dedicated health and wellbeing day. Our packages combine lifestyle awareness with physical health checks and activities. They’re ideal for promoting a culture of health in the workplace. 

    Employee Wellness Events and Training

    Experience our training sessions dedicated to specific aspects of promoting complete corporate wellness. From managing stress to mindfulness to motivation, there’s a session to suit your corporate wellbeing goals. 

    Mental Health in the Workplace

    Our mental-health focused sessions improve and develop strategies for greater resilience and encourage issue awareness among colleagues.

    Wellbeing Programmes and Strategies

    With specialised courses available for both employees and managers, our corporate wellbeing packages educate and guide delegates on creating workflows and practices to sustain ongoing wellness for all staff.

    Resilience Programme

    Give employees the knowledge to manage their own stress and anxiety levels. Using the latest wearable technology, our programme encourages staff to take ownership of personal mental wellbeing based on data unique to them.

    Blood Testing (Corporate and Individual)

    Identify health concerns and illnesses before they become problems. Our blood-testing and biometric screening services pinpoint a full spectrum of potential issues from prejudicial lifestyle indicators to chronic diseases

    Digital Wellness Solutions (PAM Life)

    Encourage better employee health with PAM Life’s comprehensive online resources and smartphone app. PAM Life offers a wide range of wellbeing and lifestyle tools to promote a healthier diet, productive exercise, better habits and personal growth. 


    Enhance Employee Wellness

    ToHealth’s wellbeing commitment improves health and inspires corporate wellbeing progress. 

    Reduce Employee Spend

    Lower staff-management budgets in the long term by educating key stakeholders. 

    Adopt a Progressive Approach

    Assume wellbeing leadership. Control difficult situations rather than respond to them. 

    Establish a Culture of Health

    Encourage increased productivity and employee happiness through targeted action. 


    Corporate wellness is an all-encompassing approach to employee health. It fuses testing, training, awareness and discussion to foster employee wellbeing and development. The end result is a more resilient workforce and greater corporate strength.
    Corporate wellbeing focuses on improving mental health, physical health and lifestyle factors such as sleep, diet and exercise.
    Corporate wellbeing solutions have been implemented by some of the biggest employers in the UK, and the corporate-wellness movement as a whole is well established. Through adopting an employee-focused wellbeing approach, organisations have the potential to enjoy a greater return on their staff investment.
    Our corporate wellbeing solutions suit a wide range of budgets and clients from small and medium sized enterprises up to the largest of employers. Inherent in adopting a wellness-focused approach is the principle of investing in the short term to create an environment for long-term savings, associated with greater staff health and reduced staff management.
    Our services are based on education, training and testing. We combine these approaches to produce integrated corporate wellness solutions unique to each organisation.
    A great start is our dedicated wellness days. They’re ideal for kicking-off positive change in the workplace and engaging employees with wider health-based goals. Our days can be specific to an organisation’s goals or focus on general wellbeing topics.
    An organisation’s strength draws on the health and resilience of its employees. By promoting employee wellbeing, companies put in place strategies to ensure long-term growth and profitability.
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