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    Our corporate and individual blood testing products enable employers and employees to get the full picture on overall health.

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    Creating Health Peace of Mind

    Looking after and safeguarding wellbeing has never been so relevant. ToHealth’s corporate and private blood testing products provide a comprehensive selection of tests which range in complexity from a single check for Vitamin D levels to the 26 separate checks involved in our “Well Woman” and “Well Man” packages. 

    Our tests are supplemented by flexible delivery options. ToHealth’s team of clinical professionals can test at a client’s place of business, on-site using our mobile health units, or at one of our specialist clinics located around the UK. There’s also scope to test at home, especially useful for private individuals, but featuring the same level of service and product selection offered to corporate clients. 

    For reducing working days lost due to illness or just giving peace of mind, our blood testing products make the process timely, informative and convenient. Whether you’re an employer looking to evaluate the health of an entire organisation or a private individual looking for information and encouragement about personal health, our corporate and individual blood testing services provide reliable and accurate conclusions about important health and wellbeing topics.


    Get a Health Update 

    Build a unique health profile of yourself or your workforce. Discover wellness weaknesses including areas requiring immediate attention. 

    Enhance Productivity

    Stop losing working days to ill health. Give employees, or yourself, every chance of meeting attendance and performance expectations. 

    Rely on Our Expertise

    Take advantage of our experience in delivering accurate and convenient individual and corporate blood testing across industry. 

    Create Resilience

    Identify and address health risks to create a wellbeing platform to cope with adversity and deal successfully with work challenges. 


    Our blood tests cover a wide range of health issues and conditions. For a full list of our individual blood testing products, please contact us.
    Blood testing can reveal crucial information pertinent to wellbeing that may be otherwise unavailable. It can help employees and employers make more informed decisions about health.
    Results for the majority of our tests are available within two days.
    While our blood tests cannot explicitly detect cancer, they can measure and monitor blood markers which may indicate the risk of cancer. If you are experiencing any unusual signs or symptoms, you should consult with your GP at the earliest opportunity.
    Our blood testing service is packaged to an employer’s requirements and needs. Find out more on our dedicated page -
    Contact a ToHealth advisor on 01925 909 614, or email [email protected]