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    Find out more about the health of your workforce with our flexible corporate blood testing services.

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    Prioritise Workplace Wellbeing

    Obtaining an accurate picture of the health of your employees is invaluable for all employers. A fit, informed workforce is essential for any business or organisation to maximise their resources and operational capability. Being aware of health risks puts employees in a much better position to make better wellbeing and lifestyle choices. 

    ToHealth’s corporate blood testing services support both individual health and overall corporate wellbeing. The tests promote personal autonomy over key health matters and empower people to make reasoned life decisions. Paired with advice and support from our experts, they’re an ideal workplace benefit and an excellent way for employers to promote a healthy message to staff, encourage employee retention and demonstrate a long-term commitment to their workforce. 

    Whether at your place of business, in our clinics or by self-testing at an employee’s home, our corporate blood tests provide valuable insights for business strategy, investment planning and staff management. 


    Full Coverage

    Our occupational health and corporate blood tests cover a range of health issues and conditions from simple vitamin-deficiency checks to cancer testing.

    Testing Simplicity

    Blood testing is performed using a straightforward finger prick blood test. With our easy-to-follow instructions, anyone can self-test too. 

    Comprehensive Reports

    Receive summary reports following employee blood testing. Discover trends, action areas and threats to growth.

    Wellness Programme Integration

    Incorporate our blood testing into your existing health screening strategies, wellness days and wellbeing programmes.

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    Our Provision

    Examples of our occupational health blood testing products include: 

    • Vitamin deficiency
    • Liver and kidney health
    • Cholesterol and diet
    • Cardiac health
    • Insulin and diabetes
    • Fertility and pregnancy

    For a full list of our occupational health blood testing services, please contact us.


    Safeguard Employee Health

    Give employees the information they need to make informed decisions about their long-term health and wellbeing. 

    Encourage Action on Health Risks

    Reduce the chance of losing employees through enforced absence due to illness. Identify and tackle potential health challenges promptly.

    Quantify Workplace Wellbeing

    Obtain reliable data and reports on the health of your workforce. Use it to guide future business strategy and long-term goal setting.

    Maximise Business Advantage

    Give your organisation the best possible opportunity to succeed by leveraging the increased productivity of a healthy workforce.


    Our occupational health blood testing products are not focused on identifying infections. Instead, they provide information about general health and wellness.
    Delivery is either at an employer’s place or business or at one of our clinics located around the country. We offer home kit testing too as well as mobile testing units.
    No. Our occupational health blood testing services are focused on general wellbeing health risks rather than flagging viral infections.
    Comprehensive blood testing can reveal a range of health conclusions ranging from cardiac health to cancer identification.
    Contact a ToHealth advisor on 01925 909 614, or email [email protected]