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    Promote health awareness for employees with our flexible corporate wellness days.

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    Encouraging Employee Health & Wellbeing

    ToHealth’s corporate awareness day packages are designed to nurture employee health in an open, friendly and engaging way. We provide exciting activities, basic health checks and awareness sessions to encourage employees to pay more attention to their physical and mental health. Our approach makes a wellness day at work interesting, enjoyable and informative for all. 

    Packages are tailored to client needs. They can include activities such as our smoothie bike, Batak wall or a chair massage to grab employee attention and activate interest in their health and wellbeing. For a basic health check, we offer blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol testing to identify potential health problems, opportunities for lifestyle changes or reassurance to employees about the state of their health. Awareness and information-based sessions, led by a ToHealth wellness expert, are also available on a wide variety of topics relevant to employee health

    A corporate wellbeing day from ToHealth is a gateway to establishing a culture of health awareness at work. It provides essential health and wellbeing advice, physical health checks and lifestyle guidance in a convenient package. 


    Flexible Solutions

    Define the activities and features relevant to your organisation. Place the emphasis on employee health where you need it most. 

    Varied Activities

    Choose from a wide range of options ranging from interactive games to comprehensive health-awareness seminars and discussions. 

    Balanced Approach

    Find the sweet spot between entertainment and education. Inform employees about physical and mental health issues while emphasising enjoyment. 

    Promotion Help

    Enjoy our support with promotional material (posters, email templates, leaflets) to maximise engagement with your wellness day at work

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    Our Provision

    Examples of our services include: 

    • Wellness-based challenges and games
    • Lunch-and-learn sessions
    • Blood pressure and lung-function testing
    • Group workshops on health
    • Supplementary wellness materials and guides


    Inclusive Wellbeing Care

    Make employee health awareness accessible to everyone in your workplace. Let employees define their own level of participation.

    Engaged Employees

    Invite employees to care about personal health with our attention-grabbing activities and campaigns. Encourage team building too. 

    Promote Wellness Goals

    Augment your existing corporate health and wellbeing strategy with focused health promotions and events. 

    Early Issue Identification

    Tackle staff absenteeism issues pre-emptively by pinpointing health problems in employees at an early and manageable stage. 


    A corporate wellbeing day is an opportunity for employees to find out more about the state of their health, get advice on ways to promote their health and wellbeing, and just have fun. It’s a worthwhile introduction to greater employee health awareness.
    The overall aim is to promote the physical and mental health of employees in a visible, diverting and informative way. But what’s really great about a ToHealth corporate wellness day is that its purpose is whatever you need it to be. They’re flexible enough to complement or supplement your existing approaches to wellness at work.
    Our approach to raising awareness of health issues and making positive lifestyle choices involves combining informative awareness sessions with absorbing interactive opportunities and health checks. It integrates informality and enjoyment with serious information and assessments.
    Contact a ToHealth advisor on 01925 909 614, or email [email protected]