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    Facilitate greater health and wellbeing awareness for employees with our corporate wellness training events and packages.


    Focused Action for Better Health

    Employees each face their own set of unique health-related challenges to workplace wellbeing. Musculoskeletal disorders, cardiac conditions, negative lifestyle choices and the ageing process can all significantly affect an employee’s potential to perform their job role to their best ability. The working environment can often work against them too, presenting situations and tasks which are burdensome rather than beneficial. 

    ToHealth’s corporate wellness training events aim to inform employees and managers on a range of pertinent issues and conditions which can adversely affect workplace wellbeing. Employee wellness training which is targeted at real-life needs and requirements builds employee resilience and increases corporate potential. Giving staff the tools to manage their own physical and mental wellbeing safeguards future health and offers opportunities for growth. 

    Whether delivered onsite by one of our Health Experts, by live video broadcast, or by e-learning, our corporate wellbeing events and resources offer ideas and strategies for positive change. They’re designed for both employees and employers to work together to create highly-functioning and healthy working environments.


    Complete Coverage

    Benefit from a range of workshops and resources designed to cover the most common challenges to wellbeing in the workplace.

    Flexible Delivery

    Choose the way you want to receive our corporate wellness training. Educate staff via an on-site training course, video conferencing or remote learning.

    Mix and Match

    Combine our wellbeing workshops to create bespoke employee wellness training events. Address targeted health requirements that apply to your business.

    Managerial Focus

    Develop manager understanding of health challenges affecting employees and how to address them through specific action and care.

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    Our Provision

    Examples of our training includes: 

    • Physical Activity at Work
    • Women’s and Men’s Health
    • Diet Myths and Healthy Eating
    • Dementia Awareness
    • Managing Change in the Workplace

    For a full list of courses, including duration, learning outcomes and modes of delivery, please contact our staff via the contact page.


    Health and Wellbeing Champions Training

    For individuals seeking to have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of their colleagues, our Health and Wellbeing Champions Training presents a pathway to greater awareness and an enhanced capability to lead change. 

    Attendees are upskilled in a variety of health-promotion areas with the objective of planning and delivering work-based initiatives that empower individuals to make healthy lifestyle choices. 

    Health Champions are role models and function as sources of wellbeing care and accessible gateways to further wellness support.



    Each employee brings a unique set of skills, attributes and characteristics to any business. Raising awareness of and addressing threats to workplace wellbeing improves the potential of employees to perform better, feel healthier and be happier in their role. This benefits corporate productivity, efficiency and overall resilience.
    Aside from boosting organisational potential, corporate wellbeing events demonstrate a commitment to staff. They show that an employer cares about their personal health, wellbeing and future.
    Training covers all aspects of health and wellbeing at work. Courses address physical health challenges, mental wellbeing, reducing stress, condition awareness, lifestyle management and more.
    Our corporate mental health workshops and training courses aim to improve employee awareness about mental health in the workplace. Greater understanding of mental health problems and early identification of symptoms often contribute to positive outcomes. You can find out more on our dedicated Mental Health in the Workplace Training page.
    It’s suitable for both employees and managers. Specialist courses are available for decision-makers or those who supervise colleagues while at work.
    Contact a ToHealth advisor on 01925 909 614, or email [email protected]