Mental Health in the Workplace Training

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    Make managing mental health in the workplace focused and effective with our dedicated events and training courses.

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    Nurturing Employee Mental Health

    Mental health challenges and their effects are a significant cause of staff-management problems for employers. Increased absenteeism, poor performance and behavioural difficulties can all stem from mental health complications which require action from corporate decision makers. 

    ToHealth’s mental health in the workplace training is an extension of our comprehensive corporate wellness provision. Our events, seminars and courses offer practical advice and strategies for managing stress, reducing anxiety and raising awareness of mental health issues

    Managing and supporting mental health in the workplace is a priority for any employer. With our help and expertise, organisations can offer mental health training which is comprehensive, informative and facilitates the development of a supportive workplace.


    Tailored Resources

    Focus on specific concerns with courses that cover a range of mental health issues including stress-management and building resilience.

    Manager Coverage

    Deliver events specific to role and responsibilities. Our mental health in the workplace training offers manager-targeted awareness guidance.  

    Duration Choice

    Select training sessions which last from 30 minutes to four hours depending on corporate requirements and staff availability.

    Employee Inclusivity

    Make mental health a priority for all employees with our overview sessions which raise mental health awareness potential.

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    Our Provision

    Examples of our training includes: 

    • Supporting Mental Wellbeing at Work
    • Boosting Resilience
    • Introduction to Mindfulness
    • Managing Anger, Burnout and Worry
    • Emotional Regulation

    For a full list of courses, including duration, learning outcomes and modes of delivery, please contact our staff via the contact page.


    Intervene Early

    Identify mental health problems in their initial stages to offer the best opportunity to secure positive outcomes and reduce disruption.

    Develop Staff Confidence

    Give employees and managers the mental health awareness needed to identify issues in colleagues and signpost further support. 

    Reduce Stigma

    Incentivise and promote positive dialogue about mental health in the workplace to address existing issues and prevent future problems.

    Create Conditions for Success

    Enable staff to work to their potential and avoid the pitfalls associated with stress, anxiety and debilitating lifestyle decisions.


    ToHealth’s mental health in the workplace training guides staff on how to best support their own mental health and the emotional wellbeing of others. It’s ideally suited to developing or supplementing a corporate mental health strategy.
    The corporate approach to mental health has two primary concerns – identifying existing mental health challenges faced by employees and increasing greater mental health awareness among all staff. Our mental health in the workplace training covers both.
    Assess the mental-health related needs of your employees first. Then consult our full list of training courses, seminars and events. Match your requirements to our training provision. Alternatively, contact a ToHealth advisor to discuss your needs further.
    The term “mental health” covers a wide range of conditions, effects and challenges ranging from serious psychological disorders to making healthy-eating choices and getting enough sleep. Our training courses allow employers to choose the focus and scope of their mental health training to target specific employee mental health concerns.
    Contact a ToHealth advisor on 01925 909 614, or email [email protected]