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    Promoting health engagement for employees and enabling informed decisions about diet, mental health and physical wellbeing.


    Helping Employees Make Healthy Choices

    PAM Life is a corporate wellbeing platform for employees which encourages individuals to make better lifestyle choices. It’s ideal for health-conscious companies looking to leverage corporate health technology to improve employee wellness and overall corporate vitality. 

    Eating poorly, not getting enough sleep and a lack of exercise are lifestyle factors which negatively affect employee performance and the potential for success. People don’t make decisions to intentionally limit their personal growth and performance levels. However, they often lack the information and encouragement they need to make better choices in terms of diet, exercise and psychological wellness. This can lead to avoidable employee absence and increased staff-management demands. 

    PAM Life, through its employee wellbeing app and online resources, addresses this problem in two ways. Firstly, it provides employees with expert wellbeing advice and personalised lifestyle coaching. It also enables access to key data metrics covering physical health and personal characteristics.

    Corporate wellness software, including applications which monitor employees and their physical and mental health, make risk assessments of employee health and wellness risk management both informed and focused. PAM Life is a great component of any workplace wellness programme and an essential corporate health platform.


    Wellbeing Resources

    Benefit from a range of workshops and resources designed to cover the most common challenges to wellbeing in the workplace.

    Real-Life Metrics

    Choose the way you want to receive our corporate wellness training. Educate staff via an on-site training course, video conferencing or remote learning.

    Smartphone Compatibility

    Flexible mobile use via Android and iOS apps provides health engagement resources on-demand, regardless of location.

    Customised Advice

    Personalises the experience to match the unique needs of the individual employee and emphasises the most applicable health support.

    A hand holding a smartphone. The smartphone screen shows a screenshot of the PAM Life app.

    Why do my employees need PAM Life?

    In a recent study of employee lifestyle habits and behaviour: 

    • 65% of respondents reported not eating healthily.
    • 35% slept less than seven hours a night.
    • 10% said they currently smoked.
    • 33% thought they didn’t take enough exercise.

    PAM Life is an employee wellbeing app which challenges these habits and promotes positive change. It’s also compatible with a wide range of personal fitness devices and trackers to provide even more useful health data for review.


    Monitor Employee Health

    Identify health risks and areas for improvement to drive health engagement and inform wellbeing risk management.

    Manage and Plan

    Identify trends and make decisions backed by data. Ensure your business strategy is based on reliable sources of health information. 

    Extensive Reporting

    Create reports with analysis, insight and recommendations. Extract the information which matches your business goals and expectations.

    Maximise Resources

    Encourage reduced employee absence and higher productivity. Enable employees to reach optimum levels of physical and mental health.


    Once registered, download the PAM Life employee wellbeing app to your smartphone and then log-in to access lifestyle resources, health information and wellbeing tools such as our goal-setting features. It’s a straightforward and intuitive process.
    The app works with Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones. It’s available from Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store. To get the most from the service we recommend using the app. However, we have online resources accessible from any web browser too.
    Registered users can contact health advisors with any questions via the app’s built-in messaging service.
    PAM Life focuses on diet, health, weight and other lifestyle-based coaching adapted to the unique needs of the individual employee. It’s created and curated by our team of PAM Life health experts.
    Yes, in a way, but instead of being a computer program running on a PC, like a traditional definition of “software”, our service is built on the latest mobile technologies and easily accessible via our smartphone app.
    The benefits are many. They include comprehensive health data to enable greater awareness of a workforce’s health, better risk management and insight into where improvements can be made. And, not forgetting, healthier and happier employees with more robust physical and mental health.
    Visit the dedicated PAM Life website - Alternatively, contact a ToHealth advisor on 01925 909 614, or email [email protected]