Wellbeing Programmes & Strategies

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    Develop or enhance your employee wellbeing strategy with the help of ToHealth’s experience and expertise.


    Building a Framework for Employee Wellbeing

    A healthy workforce is necessary for any organisation which wants to achieve its business goals. Employee wellbeing is a major contributor to increased productivity, lower rates of absenteeism and overall corporate health. An emphasis on wellness in the workplace also leads to improved employee health behaviours, a reduced likelihood of elevating health risks and lower healthcare costs. 

    Developing corporate employee wellness programmes is at the heart of what we do. We help organisations of all sizes analyse their employee-health requirements and then build corporate health and wellbeing programmes unique to those needs. Our expertise covers all aspects of employee wellbeing including workplace mental health, fitness programmes, neurodiversity, medical assessments, blood testing, GP services, employee assistance and more. 

    ToHealth’s corporate wellness programmes are flexible and built to your requirements. They make material and measurable changes to both workplace wellbeing and employee outlook. With the correct strategy in place, superior employee health is achievable, manageable and sustainable. 


    In-Depth Analysis

    Audit your organisation’s employee wellbeing strategy needs with the guidance of our experienced health professionals.

    Strategy Building

    Construct an integrated corporate health and wellbeing programme which incorporates the facets of employee wellness relevant to your business.

    Complete Health Coverage

    Include all aspects of employee health care such as physical health checks, mental health support, lifestyle advice and more.

    Ongoing Support

    Maintain the effectiveness of your employee wellbeing strategy with aftercare, further training and performance reviews.


    Why do I need ToHealth’s help with wellness strategy?

    Devising and implementing the correct approach is not always straightforward. The subject area incorporates many different skills, personnel and disciplines. Safeguarding workplace mental health is as important as physical wellbeing. Identifying existing health risks is as vital as preventing wellbeing problems from developing in the future.

    Different organisations also have varying needs dependent on workforce, industry sector and culture. The key to a successful employee wellness strategy is to design a blueprint for workplace health which features the correct blend of services particular to an organisation’s requirements.

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    Leverage Our Expertise

    Take advantage of our experience and utilise in-house resources elsewhere by letting ToHealth build your employee wellness strategy

    Create a Wellness Road Map

    Demonstrate your commitment to employee health by devising a plan for continuing employee wellbeing and health risk management.

    Involve Your Staff

    Increase employee engagement with their own health and encourage staff to take responsibility for their lifestyle choices. 

    Gain Business Advantages

    Maximise opportunities for growth and see increased productivity by tackling health-related staff management issues pre-emptively. 



    Corporate wellness programmes and strategies are opportunities for employers to improve individual employee health with a view to increasing overall corporate potential. They’re a master plan for sustainable health management in the workplace.
    Implementation is an important part of devising any corporate wellness programme. Successful deployment depends on the wellness requirements of the organisation, internal commitments and staff availability. ToHealth’s service provision is focused on flexibility and adapting to the client’s needs. An employee wellness strategy has to be implemented in a manner which does not prejudice the operation or effectiveness of the business as a whole.
    A company’s overall health is only as strong as the collective wellbeing of its individual employees. By placing an emphasis on improving and maintaining employee wellness, organisations put themselves in a far better position to retain valuable staff, tackle attendance issues and maximise their potential for corporate success. Being serious about developing workplace health is the hallmark of a progressive and employee-focused employer.
    What strategy is employed depends on client needs. ToHealth can provide full employee wellness strategy planning and comprehensive corporate wellness programmes. In short, we take care of everything connected to ongoing workplace health.

    Alternatively, we help organisations target specific wellness needs and tackle short-term problems. Our wellbeing services, including health checks, training, awareness sessions and lifestyle guidance, are flexible too. Clients can select the services which meet their unique corporate-health goals.
    Contact a ToHealth advisor to discuss your requirements. We’ll guide you through the process from beginning to end.
    Implementing a corporate wellbeing programme is a great first step to emphasise an organisation’s commitment to workplace health. By taking a proactive approach to employee wellbeing, staff are encouraged to take their personal health seriously and educate themselves on wellbeing issues and practices which they may not already know about. An informed workforce is significantly more likely make better lifestyle decisions and recognise the early signs of health risks.
    Programme price is package dependent but we offer wellbeing options for every budget. Contact a ToHealth advisor to discover more about our pricing options.
    Contact a ToHealth advisor on 01925 909 614, or email [email protected]