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    Create the conditions for improved mental health, enhanced work engagement and better responses to stress with ToHealth’s corporate resilience programme.

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    Building Strength Through Analysis

    All employees face moments of stress, often at a high level, when performing their job roles. This anxiety can be debilitating, seriously affect job performance and cause emotional distress. While difficult situations can’t always be avoided, an individual’s ability to manage stress can be improved. 

    ToHealth’s employee resilience training applies an analytical approach to identify when stress occurs and how the body reacts to it. Using the latest, wearable monitors from Firstbeat technologies, we can assess heart rate variability (HRV) to detect stress occurrences and evaluate recovery. By determining what causes a person to be anxious and then what helps resolve that stress, we can pinpoint the optimum conditions for increased employee resilience and a higher quality working life.

    However, being resilient in the workplace is not just about focusing on cardiac response. To form a complete wellbeing picture, we also look at sleep patterns and exercise habits. This extends the effectiveness of our employee resilience training and makes it a more comprehensive strength-building tool. 

    Reducing anxiety and improving fitness also have wider health benefits and positive effects. They’re important contributors to overall physical wellbeing, robust mental health and the body’s defences against other serious health issues. Resilience training also helps to build better work relationships and encourages greater work engagement. As such, building employee resilience should be at the top of every employer’s wellbeing to-do list.


    Latest Technology

    Uses the Firstbeat app and wearable heart rate monitors for detailed and comprehensive monitoring of an individual’s cardiac health.

    Data Analysis

    Makes unique recommendations for future health based on a thorough investigation of a person’s unique health data.

    Holistic Approach

    Incorporates physical health, sleep and lifestyle factors to reach more reliable conclusions about the level of employee resilience.

    Workplace Spotlight

    Concentrates on specific working life issues with resilience activities for the workplace and job performance focus.


    How is ToHealth’s employee resilience training different?

    Our resilience training doesn’t treat everyone the same way or draw general conclusions about a person’s physical and mental health. Instead, we focus on making personalised health recommendations based on real-life data. This stress on the individual increases the effectiveness of our employee resilience training and delivers better results for any corporate resilience programme. The approach also ensures that individuals can engage fully with building employee resilience because it’s a journey of self-discovery for them. They gain unique personal insights about their health which can make a fundamental difference to their quality of working life and future. 

    What’s more, our resilience activities for the workplace can be combined with any of our other wellness-focused services to create or supplement an overall corporate wellbeing strategy. Combined with health assessments, blood tests, wellness days and online GP access, we can build a 360-degree employee wellbeing approach dedicated to empowering employee health and focused on promoting resilience in the workplace.

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    Enlighten Employees

    Enable staff members to find out how their mind and body actually responds to working life situations which cause stress. 

    Build Corporate Resilience

    Make your staff better prepared for dealing with the negative effects of anxiety and improve overall job performance

    Focus Resources

    Use the results to find out where you need to concentrate most to improve the employee work engagement experience. 

    Positive Effects

    Improve attendance levels, reduce the costs associated with absence-management and increase overall capability.


    This is the ability of employees to meet the demands of their job role and successfully deal with adversity. Think of it as a suit of armour for mental health which protects the wearer from emotional harm and helps them better manage stress.
    Stress-management techniques, mindfulness exercises and resilience activities help build confidence and reduce an individual’s fear of failure. Employee resilience training also works best when it is specific to the individual. When you understand what makes a person anxious you can help them strengthen their response potential relevant to that area. That’s what great about the ToHealth’s corporate resilience programme – it uses data specific to the employee to inform better, personalised health decisions.
    We take advantage of products from Firstbeat Technologies. They’ve developed an accurate HRV monitor which users wear every day to track heartbeat variations. By using it with the Firstbeat app, invaluable insights can be gained about general health, sleep, stress, recovery and exercise. It’s a great way of obtaining reliable data to produce accurate recommendations for improved wellbeing.
    Stress can employees across all job roles regardless of position or level of responsibility. That’s why our programmes are open to all employees. Contact a ToHealth advisor to discuss your specific requirements or workforce needs.
    These are habits, attitudes or behaviours which build employee resilience. They are: energy, future focus, inner drive, flexible thinking and strong relationships. Individuals should focus on these areas to galvanise their mental health and improve inner strength. These areas, and others relevant to improving the working life experience for all employees, form part of our resilience and wellbeing in the workplace programmes.
    Contact a ToHealth advisor on 01925 909 614, or email [email protected]