DNA and Epigenetics Testing

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    ToHealth’s DNA and epigenetics test kits promote longevity and healthy aging in the workforce.

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    Improve health through smart DNA and epigenetics testing

    DNA is the ‘blue-print’ of the body. It cannot be changed and holds essential information for development, function and growth. Tiny variations in DNA affect how muscles form and behave, how the body uses the major food groups and its predisposition to certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Through DNA testing, you’ll understand the impact that genes have on health and wellbeing.

    Epigenetics offers an additional layer of information. It doesn’t alter the DNA sequence, it changes gene activity. By applying hyper-personalised behaviour and lifestyle advice, an individual can impact the way that their genes behave, allowing them to improve processes within their body. Through epigenetics testing, progress can be tracked over time.


    ToHealth App

    Unlock valuable features and tools that will support you on your journey to better health.

    Lifestyle Tracking

    Real-time tracking of your steps, sleep, active time, heart rate, hydration and calorie intake.

    DNA Diet

    Find out your optimal caloric split, get supplement advice and enjoy personalised recipes.

    Genetic Action Plan

    Explore digital health, diet, physical and vitamin plans at the touch of a button.


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    DNA Testing

    Uncover your core genetic health and understand how your body works with a simple, non-invasive saliva test.

    Get expert recommendations on:

    • Health
    • Diet
    • Vitamins
    • Supplement response
    • Physical health

    DNA + Epigenetics Testing

    Take your DNA further with epigenetics and implement changes that impact the way your genes are switched ‘on’ or ‘off’ over time.

    Get expert recommendations on:

    • Healthy aging
    • Eye health
    • Gut health
    • Heart health
    • Immune function
    • Injury risk
    • Mental health
    • Muscle health
    • Skin health
    • Sleep
    • Stress Response
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    Epigenetics Re-testing

    Switching ‘on’ or ‘off’ certain genes through lifestyle and behaviour change can improve overall health and wellbeing, and improve your biological age. Track progress and stay motivated with epigenetics re-testing.

    Measure improvements in:

    • Biological age
    • Eye age
    • Hearing age
    • Memory age
    • Inflammation Score


    Reduce Biological Age

    Identify how your cells are aging. Use diet, exercise, lifestyle and environment recommendations to improve your biological age.

    Improve Memory Age

    Maintaining a healthy memory is important. Identify opportunities to improve longevity, specificity and the strength of memories.

    Reduce Inflammation

    Inflammation is both good and bad. Use diet, exercise, lifestyle and environmental advice to promote ‘good’ inflammation for tissue repair and recovery.

    Boost Immune System

    Access hyper-personalised insights to boost your immune system through targeted diet, exercise, lifestyle and environment advice.


    This simple and non-invasive saliva test involves spitting into a tube and returning it to our lab for analysis. Your test kit will include an easy to follow instruction guide to help you take your sample correctly.
    Your test kit will include:

    • A small plastic tube to hold your saliva sample with your kit ID printed on its side.
    • A plastic funnel. This will be screwed onto the plastic tube to make the sample collection easier.
    • An instruction guide plus your individual kit ID.
    Please contact [email protected] if anything is missing from your kit.
    You will be able to access your results from your ToHealth app.
    Once we receive your DNA sample you can expect your results within 3-4 weeks. If you have chosen our epigenetics package, results can take 4-6 weeks. This is due to the in-depth analysis required for the extraction of optimal epigenetic insights.
    No. Genes cannot be altered. As human beings, we have between 20,000 and 25,000 genes. Most genes are the same in all of us. It is the differences in <1% of those genes that make us unique. Through DNA and epigenetics testing you will be given information about your genetic make-up and how to modify your behaviours to maximise your genetic health potential.
    Our DNA and epigenetics packages address a range of employee risks arising from factors such as excess weight, inactivity, unhealthy ageing, diet and emotions. Expert insights can lower reliance on clinical interventions and medication, reducing absenteeism and its associated costs.

    An organisation will benefit from:

    • Improved engagement
    • Improved productivity
    • Early identification of potential risk factors
    • Increased ROI
    • Attraction and retention of talent
    An employee will receive a fully interactive and preventive solution that will assist them on their health journey.

    Through hyper-personalised advice the employee can access:

    • Confidential reporting
    • Expert advise
    • Control over their health and wellbeing
    • Non-invasive testing
    • Ongoing monitoring of their health
    • Reduced risk of disease
    Our capacity for strength, speed, fat loss and endurance are shaped by our genes. By identifying and fine-tuning our genes through DNA and epigenetics testing, we can optimise training, diet and recovery practices for maximum performance.
    Contact a ToHealth advisor on 01925 909 614, or email [email protected]