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Company Paid Health Screening

Tailored to suit your requirements and budget delivering a high quality and cost-effective service. We ensure you get maximum value from your budget with an effective and high impact screening service bespoked to suit your needs.

Providing health checks at work is an opportunity to enhance employee engagement and productivity and reduce absenteeism. We work with you to support your vision and aim to enhance your position as an employer of choice prioritising staff health and wellbeing. We specialise in health checks which are proactive and educational, focusing on helping your staff understand the key principles of prevention and maintainance of good health. In addition the benefits of early diagnosis can be far-reaching effectively allowing future health problems to be minimised. Given 80% of chronic diseases are preventable, our approach is focused and targeted to provide you with maximum value and results.

Your staff will be provided with a personalised printed report with their test results at the time of the consultation, this valuable information is explained and clarity provided on the meaning of results. This approach, designed to empower individuals to take personal responsbility for their health is one of the reasons ToHealth is being described as different. It is easy and convenient as we are flexible in implementation and can provide the service at your workplace maximising convenience for staff and take up rates, or through our nationwide network of clinics if preferred.

Online bookings, dedicated 0800 number, posters designed for youText Reminders
and appointment reminders

We can provide you with an online booking platform which makes implementation easy and convenient. We can cater for all types of workforce, providing a manual booking service if needed. Email appointment reminders help smooth running of the day.

Comprehensive reports profiling the health of your staff can be provided.

KPI ChartRemember, one of the benefits of health screening is the hard data it provides.

A confidential, anonymised report can be put together for the employer’s attention allowing you to identify any areas of concern, identify trends which require attention and provide a mechanism to track the wellbeing of your staff. Such data can be invaluable in helping identify and priortise areas allowing you to target finite resources most effectively.

Charges for reporting / data analysis vary according to the complexity of your requirements and start from just £329.

Employee Benefit Packages

Health Screening, offered as a Tax-Free Employee Benefit, is proven to be one of the most cost-effective benefits available to an Employer. Providing:-

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased morale and performance
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Reduced injuries and workers’ compensation claims
  • Maintain a healthy organisation
  • Reduce the risk of stress related illness at work
  • Improve nutritional well being of staff
  • Reduce time off work through staff illness and the costs incurred
  • Establish company as an Employer of Choice

Please view our current core packages or Contact one of our Account Managers for More Details
According to the Business Action on Health Campaign by Business in the Community (BITC), the number of FTSE100 companies who are actively monitoring and reporting the progress on health and wellbeing initiatives has risen 16% in the past year. Further research indicates that the introduction of a multi-component health promotion programme can result in a 10.4% improvement in work performance and an annual return on investment of £6.19 for every £1 spent.

Our own services excel in this field due to the unique personal approach our professional Healthcare Team take in performing our ‘In-House’ Assessments. Indeed, for our Commercial or Group clients, they do not need to travel, or dedicate a day away from work, to receive our Health Checks. These can all be completed at their place of work. This has proved to be a more ‘friendly’ and ‘productive’ method of Screening, and has obvious financial benefits to the employers.

Health Screening via Flexbile Benefits

Our health checks combine the latest technology with highly trained staff in order to understand and positively change the health of your employees. Whether your needs are large or small, our highly motivated team can tailor and bespoke a health assessment to fit your business. Health screening can easily be included in employee benefit packages. Speak to us to discuss an appropriate solution for your workforce and benefits scheme.