Disabled Students Allowance

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    Receive expert DSA support, equipment and training from our experienced DSA team.


    Supporting Successful Learning

    Getting the correct support while studying at university or college is essential for anyone with a disability or learning barrier. Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) help with the cost of specialist equipment, help, travel or other disability-related expenses directly related to higher education. Part-time and full-time students are eligible to apply but how much funding is available depends on individual circumstances and is not related to household income

    ToHealth are an approved Disabled Students’ Allowance assistive-technology supplier. Once a DSA application has been approved, we supply the specialist equipment which a disabled student requires. We also provide training and support so that students get the most from their new technology. 

    For students making a DSA application and professionals involved in DSA assessments, ToHealth deliver essential services, advice and guidance. We make the Disabled Students’ Allowance process as focused, manageable and rewarding as possible for all stakeholders. Our aim is to put in place the conditions required to enable students to thrive at university or college and achieve their learning goals.  



    Once an award has been made, we help students order their new specialist equipment, and supply training and support too. Visit our dedicated DSA Students page to access our DSA support resources and further information.



    We work closely with DSA assessors to compile quotes, arrange specialist assessments and stay on top of the fast-moving world of assistive technology. Visit our dedicated DSA Assessors page to access our DSA support resources and further information.



    Rely On Our Expertise

    We’re experts in providing specialist equipment to students in higher education.  We make the DSA process smooth and efficient.

    Application and Quote Support

    Our dedicated systems, designed especially for DSA support, make producing quotes for students straightforward, quick and easy.

    Ongoing Care

    Our work doesn’t end with delivery. Whether it’s a warranty or advice from our technical team, we help students for the duration of their course.

    Professional Development

    DSA assessors get the latest information about developments in specialist equipment, CPD training and more.


    Disabled Students’ Allowance is a financial award to help disabled people in higher education pay for the extra costs of their study. For example, someone with dyslexia may receive funding which can contribute towards the purchase of a v literacy-support software and training. Which funding body administers the scheme depends on where you live. In England, DSA applications are made to Student Finance England, in Wales to Student Finance Wales, and in Northern Ireland to Student Finance Northern Ireland.
    Following a successful Disabled Students’ Allowance application, how much an applicant receives depends on individual circumstances and not on household income. Award amounts depend on factors including the nature and severity of the disability, the intensity of the course and whether the applicant is a part-time or full-time student. In England, successful applicants who are assessed as requiring a new computer must contribute the first £200 of the cost.
    The allowance can cover the cost of specialist equipment, training, non-medical helpers, travelling expenses and any other costs incurred during study which are disability-related. It doesn’t cover costs which any student might have.
    To claim DSA or make a Disabled Students’ Allowance application, you can apply online via your student finance account if you’re a full-time student. For part-time students and those without a student finance account, there’s a paper application form available on the official gov.uk website. However, many applicants find it beneficial to contact the relevant disability-support team at their university or college first. Alternatively, contact us for help.
    For the purposes of the scheme, disability includes: specific learning difficulties (such as dyslexia); a mental health condition; physical disabilities; hearing or visual impairment, and long-term health conditions. There are other criteria too, which depend on which funding body you’re applying to. For example, Student Finance England require applicants to be eligible for Student Finance England funding and be studying on a course which lasts at least a year. You’ll have to prove your eligibility too. This usually includes letters or reports from your doctor, or the results of diagnostic assessment, depending on your circumstances.
    Contact a ToHealth advisor on 01925 909 614, or email [email protected]