Employee Assistance Programmes (S)

Screenetics has a unique relationship with one of the UK’s leading EAP specialists, meaning that the programmes we offer are effective, high quality and excellent value for money. If you’ve had an EAP before but questioned the value you’re getting from it, talk to us about how we make sure the investment you make in your employees really counts. And if you’ve never had an EAP before, we can build a programme for you that delivers:

  • Robust, reliable clinical approach to issues affecting UK employees, including stress, depression and anxiety
  • Clear, high profile duty of care to show employees that they’re valued
  • Powerful tool for employees and managers that improves productivity, attendance and job satisfaction

These programmes now form the cornerstone of many top British employers’ health and wellbeing strategies. Talk to us now to see how valuable your EAP could be.


New Employee Medicals

When taking new people on board, it’s vital that an employer is aware of any element of an employee’s health history which may impact on their work, and of any impact the new job may have on their health. A new employee medical is a simple, fast and cost-effective way of identifying at an early stage any possible areas of risk, and understanding the impacts that this may have on the fulfilment of the job’s roles.

The first step is a simple questionnaire, submitted online or on paper and analysed by a qualified occupational health nurse. This analysis informs a report which is sent within 48 hours of receipt. The report typically contains:

  • Review of an employee’s ‘fit for work’ status against their job description
  • Recommendations for further health assessment, if required
  • Advice on any adjustments needed to the work environment Equality Act (2010)

If any further assessment is required, a professional consultation will be set up quickly and discreetly to explore fully any areas of concern.

By conducting this assessment at an early stage, employers can act in an informed way to ensure an employee is working safely, minimising any adverse effect on their health and consequently saving on future costs of absence, treatment or litigation.

Find out what we can do to help your employees stay healthy, happy and productive at work by getting in touch today.