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July 30, 2014
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Employee Value

We value our vehicles, they take us to our jobs, transport our precious cargo, carry our children to their events, and motor us to our much needed holidays. We tax our vehicles, repair them when needed, and bath them regularly. MOT’s are performed to ensure our vehicle’s health twice a year. We insure them against bodily harm. We even adorn them with eye candy announcing our lovability of them to others. Our vehicles get us from point A to B. They give us our livelihoods and essentially our paychecks. We need them and we value this technology and because we do we take care of our vehicles.

Imagine that you are a business owner and you could have the technology that could catapult you into the global market, bring you ahead of your competitors, carry you to huge bottom line profits, and create industrial benchmarks that other businesses attempt to reach. This technology could carry you through the puddles of downed economy and carry you to higher grounds of economic upswings. You would value this technology and give it better attention than you do your vehicle.

Business owners already have this technology. It is the employee. The vehicle of business economics is the employee. The number of employees and the skill they contribute are the venue to global markets for businesses. Their expertise and ability to execute corporate culture sets the benchmark of excellence for any businesses. The commitment and drive of employees are the lifeblood of every business. Employees are the vehicle that businesses drive.

It is simply good business sense to treat employees as the priceless technical commodity they are. Ensuring their health is maintained through the course of the business they are engaged in. Supports of health and wellbeing put in place to ease their endeavors of the daily grind as we do no less for our automobiles in insuring and maintaining their run ability.

Providing avenues to health fitness and wellness education within the worksite or outside of it is part of an employer’s responsibility to the employees that are driven by them in daily business activities. We do no less for the vehicles we value because of what they do for us. It is time to realize the value of the employee and care for them greater than we do our vehicles. For unlike vehicles that do not drive themselves away when they are not cared for, an employee can.

Businesses that offer a health conscious culture and demonstrated commitment to their employee’s health and wellbeing attract the most talented candidates. No college graduate wants to spend this/her time and money to become educated only to be driven down physically by long hours and little pay and no cares of the ill health this type of treatment brings about.

Health conscious businesses enjoy less absenteeism with reduced staff turnover. The employees have health and a sense of wellbeing and the businesses have increased employee engagement and productivity and increased bottom line profits. And all these benefits come about from a demonstrated employee value from the corporate top down to the line management of supervisor of the employee.

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