Executive Plus (Hospital based assessment)

An executive level  Health Assessment delivered  in a hospital giveing you complete peace of mind. The assessment also provides and an in depth examination of your cardiovascular  system and includes an exercise ECG to test your hearts ability  to cope with stress and exercise. This assessments will  last for 3 hours and includes a face to face consultation  with  a GP to discuss  your results. This assessment will take approx.  180 minutes.

Included Tests

* Medical and lifestyle questionnaire

* Dietary assessment

* BMI Guide to healthy living

* Personalised medical

* Report  and recommendations

* Lifestyle consultation with  nurse

* Consultation with doctor

* Physical examination with doctor

* Measurements

* Blood pressure

* Body composition  (height, weight,  hip to waist, BMI and body fat   percentage)

* Blood Tests

* Cholesterol  profile

* Diabetes

* Full blood count (for anaemia and other diseases)

* Kidney function

* Gout liver function

* Thyroid function  test,

* Other Investigations

* Cardiovascular risk score

* Urine analysis (3 tests for diabetes infection and kidney function)

* Vision and hearing

* Blood in stool test (Over 45) (may indicate bowel cancer)

* Resting ECG

* Chest x-ray (if clinically appropriate)

* Lung function tests

* Exercise ECG.

Female Specific Tests

* Breast cancer awareness

* Breast examination

* Mammography  (between  47 – 73 if selected)

* Cervical cancer, screening  (including  HPV if clinically  appropriate).

Male Specific Tests

* Testicular cancer awareness

* Testicular examination

* Prostate cancer blood test (Over SO  if selected).