Flu Vaccinations

flu-vaccinationsBenefit from reduced absence rates, the vaccine has a 70% level of effectiveness in preventing flu and is recommended by the WHO.

Flu is a common infectious viral illness spread by coughs and sneezes. It can be very unpleasant, but you’ll usually begin to feel better within about a week.

It’s not only people in at risk groups who should have the flu vaccination. If your daily life or your job involves being in contact with people who are in an at risk group, then having the vaccination will not only protect you, but also those around you.

The ToHealth flu vaccination programmes make vaccinating your staff against seasonal flu a simple process.

Just tell us the time, place and number of influenza vaccination required and we do the rest. Our experienced team of nurses deliver a fully mobile flu vaccination service wherever you are in the UK with minimum disruption. Our nurses have all the equipment needed and we will ensure all the influenza vaccines are delivered to the highest possible standards.

Our staff also help you ensure that your staff understand the health benefits that flu jabs can offer both at work and home safeguarding them from falling ill.

Redeemable Flu Vouchers

voucherEmployers only pay for vouchers that get redeemed. This unique service can save a company thousands of pounds, as you only pay for those vouchers that actually get used.

ToHealth can provide flu vouchers which staff can redeem at any participating Lloyds Pharmacy. Vouchers can be purchased in bulk for employees and are a simpler and more cost effective method of supplying your employees with a flu vaccination. In particular, field based staff or home based workers and transport companies may find a voucher an easier solution in obtaining a flu vaccination.

On-site Flu Vaccinations

On your chosen day the trained nurse(s) will arrive 15 minutes before the flu vaccination service is due to begin, with all the medical equipment required, and will ensure the vaccinations are delivered to the highest clinical standard and disruption to you and your staff is minimal. It only takes a couple of minutes for the nurse to give the flu vaccination – through a small injection in the upper arm. ToHealth only offer this service in Central London.

ToHealth can offer both half day or full day options for employers.

Fully Managed Service


ToHealth will proactively assist your organisation in promoting the flu vaccination service to ensure maximum take-up.

We can provide you with an online booking platform which makes implementation easy and convenient. We can cater for all types of workforce, providing a manual booking service if needed. Email appointment reminders help smooth running of the day. Online bookings, dedicated 0800 number, posters designed for you and appointment reminders.

For further information, please see our flu information leaflet by clicking here.

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