Occupational Health Assessments

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    ToHealth’s occupational health assessments promote individual wellbeing and
    strengthen overall corporate resilience.

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    Prioritising Employee Health

    Employees are the essence of any business. That’s why it’s crucial for every employer to focus on the health and wellbeing of their staff. People are often unaware of undiagnosed health conditions and may not realise the consequences of negative lifestyle decisions. ToHealth’s occupational health assessments provide employees with a real-time snapshot of their current health. Our experts consider the impact of an individual’s job role and recommend positive lifestyle changes for improving health and developing overall wellbeing.

    Our assessments offer flexibility, ease-of-access and comprehensive reporting. Whether in the workplace, or at one of our many clinics across the UK, employees and employers can discover unique insights about both personal health and areas of corporate concern. We’re dedicated to helping businesses and their staff embrace individual and corporate health and wellbeing, with a view to delivering worthwhile change.

    Depending on the package chosen, employee health assessments may cover: blood tests and analysis (including blood pressure), body composition, lung health, cancer tests, lifestyle surveys and post-assessment support.

    They make an ideal employee benefit which empowers individuals to take proactive steps to improve health and wellbeing.

    Our Services

    On-site Health Assessments

    Our on-site occupational health assessments are delivered by our experienced Health Professionals at client premises. They’re ideal for centralised workforces and departmental testing.

    Clinical Health Assessments

    Off-site employee health assessments are delivered through our UK-wide network of approved clinics. This is a popular option for employers who have multiple locations or employees working from home.

    Online GP Services

    Improve work health and personal wellbeing with expert advice from a GP using your smartphone. Appointments are available 24/7 at a time that works for you. We work with a leading online health-technology partner to make GP care flexible and accessible.


    Improve Performance

    Give employees the health information they need to perform at their best.

    Promote Responsibility

    Encourage staff to make positive health and wellbeing choices based on facts.

    Manage Absence

    Tackle attendance issues and the costs of managing absenteeism.

    Identify Priority Areas

    Discover where your organisation can improve safety at work and ensure work health for all.



    Our occupational health assessments combine physical tests with structured lifestyle questions to produce an integrated appraisal of an individual’s overall health. Assessments focus on intervention with a view to prevention. The goal is to promote both short and long-term benefits to an employee’s overall health and wellbeing.
    Assessment questions cover lifestyle choices, personal medical histories and mood checks. Our Health Specialists are trained to identify key health information without prejudicing personal privacy and areas of sensitivity.
    Every ToHealth assessment features body composition, blood pressure and cholesterol checks. Further tests depend on the selected assessment package. These may include: heart/lung health tests such as a cardiac assessment, a bone health survey, urine analysis, advanced blood analysis and cancer detection.
    Assessments can last from 15-minutes up to three hours depending on the assessment package chosen and the number of tests involved.
    Employees are provided with a personalised Employee Health Assessment Report. The report shows their assessment results in a clear, easy-to-understand format. There’s a 12-Month Action Plan too to help individuals apply their bespoke health and lifestyle advice over the long term.

    Corporate reporting is also available via our anonymised Company Health Report which features detailed analytics, risks and trends. It’s ideal for targeting health and wellbeing spending priorities and improving ROI potential.
    Contact a ToHealth advisor on 01925 909 614, or email [email protected]