Clinical Health Assessments

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    Evaluate the wellbeing status of employees wherever they are in the UK with our clinic-based health assessments.

    A woman sits on a bed in a clinic while talking with a female doctor who sits across from her.

    Making Health Assessments Accessible

    For organisations who have multiple locations or encourage remote working, the logistics of arranging employee health assessments can be difficult. Getting people together in one place at a given time often involves disruption, compromise and expense. 

    ToHealth’s clinical health assessments present a much more attractive option. Our UK-wide network of approved clinics provide off-site health assessments for employees who may find it inconvenient to visit a centralised testing location such as a company’s main office. 

    Employees benefit not only from ease of access but also the experience of our health professionals and the latest health-assessment technology.


    UK-Wide Clinics

    Enjoy access to our network of clinics all over the country. They’re designed to cater to every assessment need and requirement.

    Assessment Choice

    Select from our range of assessments covering a wide spectrum of health information from body metrics to blood tests.

    Comprehensive Reporting

    Get detailed, company-wide reports on how healthy your staff are. Find out where to target investment and resources.

    Flexible Integration

    Combine our health assessments with any of our other products for a complete wellbeing strategy or programme.


    Convenient Testing

    Reduces the need to organise dedicated assessment days involving lots of staff at the same time in the same place.

    Healthy Workforce

    Identifies health risks in employees and signposts where further action is needed to address potential issues.

    Commitment to Employees

    Demonstrates an investment in employee health and a pledge towards ongoing staff wellbeing awareness and risk prevention.

    Tackle Absence

    Reduces the working hours lost due to ill health and the costs associated with absence management and reduced staff capacity.


    It’s an opportunity for employees to discover more about their personal health and identify any areas which may require action. Similarly, it’s a chance for employers to find out more about the wellbeing of their workforce. Depending on package selected, it can include body measurements, blood tests, cardiac testing, bone analysis, organ testing, cancer screening and lifestyle guidance.
    What’s included depends on the health assessment package selected. Please refer to our list of packages on this page for more information.
    Depending on package selected, assessments can take anywhere from 15 minutes to three hours.
    Healthier employees contribute to a healthier business. What’s more, these assessments can identify serious health risks which otherwise may go unnoticed.