Corporate Health Assessments

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    Our corporate health assessments make employee health screening accessible and informative while also fulfilling wellbeing strategy goals.

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    Manage Employee Health and Wellbeing

    Choosing a corporate health screening package which works for your organisation means selecting a service which offers reliability, integrity and flexibility. ToHealth’s corporate health assessments provide dependable and convenient health-screening services to determine individual employee wellbeing and overall corporate health

    Our services are focused on client requirements and ease of access. Packages can be adapted to suit distinct employer needs and varying wellbeing budgets. For maximum accessibility, our corporate health checks take place either onsite at a company location or at one of our many clinics located around the UK. Click here to view a list of our locations. 

    Employee health is crucial for both individual wellbeing and fulfilling overall corporate goals. Organisations pivoted towards success need their staff to be healthy, happy and productive. Our assessments identify areas of concern which could prejudice long-term employee health. They’re also invaluable lifestyle tools which help people make better choices in regards to diet, exercise and outlook. 

    Our corporate health screening packages are fundamentally about intervention with a view to prevention. For a proactive and progressive employer, they’re an excellent way to promote employee wellbeing and boost organisational resilience.


    Flexible Testing

    Choose the assessments you want. Our packages are as comprehensive as you need them to be and suit any budget or time constraints.

    Tailored Solutions

    Adapt our core packages to your unique business requirements. Our corporate health checks can be integrated into your organisation’s wellbeing strategy.

    Extensive Reporting

    Evaluate assessment results with comprehensive individual reports for employees and company-wide health reports for employers.

    Confidential Approach

    Prioritise employ privacy with a fully confidential and secure corporate health screening package.


    Empower Employees

    Enable your staff to take ownership of their own wellbeing by giving them the facts about potential health risks. 

    Improve Productivity

    Tackle the number of work days lost to ill health. Our health and wellbeing packages facilitate improved staff attendance and performance. 

    Inform Strategy Decisions

    Receive comprehensive summary reports to guide future decision making, evaluate return on investment (ROI) potential and pursue cost-effective employee care.

    Emphasise Employee Care 

    Reinforce your position as an employer who promotes staff health and wellbeing. Be seen as an employee-focused organisation. 


    A corporate health assessment is an opportunity for employees to find out more about the current state of their health. Through a combination of data collection, testing and questioning, we identify areas of concern and offer guidance on future lifestyle choices. The overall aim is to help individuals be the healthiest and happiest they can be. This has benefits for employee and employer alike.
    Different packages are available depending on requirements and budget. Our tests range from simple body-measurement metrics, such as height and weight, to blood pressure readings, cardiac checks and cancer testing. Consult the relevant section on this page for more details.
    Our experienced in-house team of Health Professionals meet with employees individually to evaluate current wellbeing and identify areas which may require further action. Employees are asked about their lifestyle and a number of tests are performed depending on the package selected.
    Assessments can be held either at one of our clinics across the UK or at your place of business. All testing packages are available regardless of location.
    Our online technology makes it possible for employers to fund a particular level of corporate health assessment and also allow employees to have an enhanced assessment at their own expense. Additional payments can be taken using our platform so there is minimal administration for the employer.
    Contact a ToHealth advisor on 01925 909 614, or email [email protected]