Onsite Health Assessments

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    Our onsite health assessments provide convenient access to essential wellbeing checks which safeguard employee health.

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    Accessible Health and Wellbeing Checks

    Employee health is a prerequisite for corporate resilience and growth. Our onsite health checks provide a convenient way to assess an employee’s physical health, overall wellbeing and lifestyle choices. They’re focused on identifying health risks before they become problems and guiding employees to make better decisions about their future. 

    Held at your company offices and locations, our onsite health screening services offer flexible screening access under your control. For groups of employees, departments or time-pressured staff, they’re ideal for informing both employee and employer about potential health concerns. 

    Issues relating to blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol, or cardiac health can have serious consequences if left undiagnosed. Our onsite health screening and assessment services identify immediate areas for action and give suggestions for positive lifestyle changes. They provide a road map to continuing health and wellbeing that’s complemented by a 12-month action plan to cover both short-term and long-term health goals.


    UK-Wide Provision

    Access dependable employee health assessments regardless of location. Our onsite health checks can be held anywhere in the UK.

    Full Assessment Service

    Rely on our full range of comprehensive onsite health screening services regardless of the testing site location.

    Experienced Personnel

    Benefit from the expertise of our in-house Health Professionals who are fully qualified to provide advanced assessments and guidance.

    Booking Simplicity

    Streamline the appointment process with our specialised booking system which can be branded to your company’s requirements.


    Convenient Assessments

    Enjoy the advantages of onsite health checks in your own workplace. Avoid extra costs and the inconvenience of travel.

    Wellbeing Strategy Integration

    Combine onsite health screening with existing wellbeing policies. Make screening part of staff health-awareness events.

    Barrier-Free Testing

    Maximise health-check attendance and take-up. Enhanced visibility and ease of access to onsite health screening boosts participation. 

    Flexible Coverage

    Adapt our core packages to meet the specific needs of your workforce. Our approach to screening is flexible and client-focused. 


    Our experienced in-house team of Health Professionals meet with employees individually to evaluate current wellbeing and identify areas which may require further action. Employees are asked about their lifestyle and a number of tests are performed depending on the onsite health screening package selected. These range from simple body measurement metrics such as height and weight to blood tests, cardiac checks and cancer testing.
    Employers can rely on our onsite health screening services to provide an accurate assessment of a workforce’s health. On conclusion we provide an anonymised KPI report which informs internal health and wellbeing programmes. It makes a great foundation on which to develop a corporate wellbeing strategy which is focused on actual employee health and concerns.
    Costs of onsite health screening services vary depending on the package selected and the number of employees being tested. Please contact a ToHealth advisor to discuss your screening requirements.
    Assessments can last from 15 minutes to three hours depending on the complexity of the screening and the number of tests involved.
    Contact a ToHealth advisor on 01925 909 614, or email [email protected]