Online Health Assessments & Blood Tests

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    Safeguard your employees’ ongoing wellbeing with our flexible online health assessments and blood tests at home.

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    Making Employee Health Checks Accessible

    Employee health and wellbeing has never been so important but access to health assessments can often be difficult. Busy work schedules and personal commitments can both play their part in restricting the availability of employee health screening and opportunities to obtain advice from health professionals.

    Our online health assessments prioritise flexibility and complement our clinic-based services. Employees benefit from one-to-one consultations with our Health and Wellness experts, personalised coaching, and blood tests at home without the need to visit a clinic. We offer a range of health assessments to cover specific requirements and budgets, as well as a range of health modules aimed at targeting individual health and wellbeing requirements.

    An employee’s health is a key contributor to a successful workplace. Our employee health checks offer peace of mind for employers and employees alike and play a pivotal role in promoting health and wellbeing at work.


    Dedicated Packages

    Our range of online assessments – Proactive, Prevent, Power, Protect, Perform – combine advice, blood tests and support to address individual health needs.

    Targeted Modules

    Clinically relevant health and wellbeing concerns, identified in assessment, are addressed by our modules which promote evidence-based behaviour change.

    Bolt-On Enhancements

    Extra services, including our dedicated Resilience Programme and the PamLife app, extend the ongoing effectiveness of our employee health checks.

    Follow-Up Consultations

    Depending on the package, consultations with our doctors address health and wellbeing concerns and raise awareness for sustainable outcomes.


    Promote Access to Health

    Our online blood tests, incorporating blood test kits delivered to an employee’s home, offer practical convenience, removing the need to travel to a specialist clinic.

    Target Individual Wellness Needs

    Identify health and wellbeing concerns unique to the employee, and offer focused support to encourage long-term health and wellbeing confidence.

    Rely on our Expertise

    Our Health and Wellness Experts provide assessments, advice and care which can be counted on to make employee health checks valuable resources for positive change.

    Create Sustainable Health Goals

    Accurate employee health screening provides an opportunity for employees to invest in their own wellbeing with a defined, viable and focused plan for ongoing health.


    Depending on the package selected, our employee health checks, conducted entirely online, offer in-depth blood tests at home, access to our expert team of health professionals and clinically-relevant support modules to guide individuals to optimal health and wellbeing.
    Our packages offer employees a great choice of online blood tests and consultation levels. Our entry-level Proactive package offers a lifestyle and medical assessment, anthropometric testing, including blood pressure (self-reported), and seven basic blood tests. Subsequent packages add additional tests and further access to our health professionals. For example, our premium Perform package offers up to 26 online blood tests, further coaching with our qualified health professionals, a consultation with a Doctor, and access to two expert-led health and wellbeing modules with repeat blood tests at home for key biomarkers.
    A blood test at home is really very similar to one taken at a clinic. The key difference is that the employee takes the sample using our specially designed blood-test kits. Each kit contains comprehensive instructions and a simple finger-prick test to obtain a sample. Send the sample back to us and we’ll notify the employee of the results, usually within two days.
    Employee health checks and online blood tests allow individuals to make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing. They can reveal previously undiagnosed issues which require further action and also offer peace of mind about personal wellness.
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