Health Awareness Days

Tailored  Health & Wellbeing events to meet your specific requirementswellness

If you are looking to take your first steps with health and wellness provision to enhance the working environment, then our dynamic and engaging Well-being Days are a good starting point.

We will consult with  you to understand your requirements and create a day or event tailored to your specific needs. The wellness day can be general in  content or targeted at key health initiatives.

To help you implement further health initiatives, we can provide you with a comprehensive report, detailing the health of your employees (not including any personal information which is kept in the strictest confidence).

Options available include:

  •  Blood Pressure checks
  • Health MOT (Know Your Numbers)
  • Musculoskeletal Assessments
  • Hearing and lung function testing
  • Cancer Awareness – Workshops
  • Metabolic Age Game
  • Smoothie bike make 2 of your 5 a day goal
  • Mole and skin cancer checks
  • Stress reduction/relaxation massages
  • Lunch and learn sessions

ealth  Passport (Health MOT Days)

This can be likened to a car MOT and ensures that know your numbers and health-passportprovides you with  key data about your health.

It provides immediate results and this is supported with information guidance and advice. We call this package the health  passport, it includes blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol results. Just like we MOT our car every year so we should MOT our bodies to ensure we are staying healthy. (15 min appointments)

Health Passport Extended (Know Your Numbers)

There are various different health aspects that can contribute to heart disease including blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Blood pressure determines how much pushing the blood does on the walls of the blood vessels as it travels through them. A high pressure can cause excess strain on the heart, causing it to become enlarged and not pump as effectively. Cholesterol is a waxy fat like substance found in all our cells, it builds up in the arteries leading to narrow vessels, this can result in a  reduced blood flow.  If the blood supply to a  particular part of the heart is stopped because of a blockage then a heart attack may be the result. Advice involving diet, exercise and lifestyle can be discussed to help to reduce your risk. (20 min appointments)

blood-pressureBlood Pressure

We will measure your blood pressure with a blood pressure cuff, which is placed around your upper arm then  inflates and deflates to give a reading. Blood  pressure should be approximately less than 140/60-80. We will explain what these figures mean and explain how they can be affected and improved through various lifestyle influences. (5 min appointments)