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ToHealth’s web-based Health Screening Software solution is a fully functioning suite of software tools which assist you to deliver your health screening programme from end-2-end. The software has a proven track record having delivered in excess of 60,000 health checks over the last 3 years in an online and offline setting.

During the individual health screening sessions, the software is intuitive to run and is visually appealing to patients, making everything clear and understandable for both patient and nurse. By making the information simple for the patient to view and compare with accepted health norms, we make it straightforward for patients to determine what action to take after the health screening to improve their health.

Customised To Your Needs

The software is very flexible so that options displayed to patients such as local referral services can be included in referral pathways and other local healthy lifestyle information conveyed. Additional questions that are not necessarily part of the health check and that might be specifically of use at a local level to the commissioners or local authority can also be added.

Integration & Real-Time Monitoring

The solution has extensive back office facilities to enable the reporting and statistical functions required by the commissioner and has secure storage of data with patient identifiable data being held on the NHS intranet (N3).It captures the minimum dataset and displays this in a variety of anonymised report styles that are available to the commissioners at any point. The system can be monitored in near real time and accounts provided so that commissioners can check on progress of any of their health check providers at any point. The GP receives their read coded patient data in a PDF letter via secure transfer over the email system or via an electronic transfer to the patient record (after matching the patient) using the same method laboratory pathology results are transferred.

Proven Technology, Regularly Updated

It is currently being used in GP surgeries, pharmacies and community venues.  As well as directly employing our own UK developers and technical staff we also employ Nurses, HCA’s and other front line delivery personnel allowing us to gain a unique insight into the complete health check cycle from delivery to capture and reporting. This experience has fed into a structured cycle of research and development in which our IT systems have continually improved to provide the commissioner, practitioner and patient with a complete solution to delivering NHS health checks.

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