Health Screening via Flexbile Benefits

Our health checks combine the latest technology with highly trained staff in order to understand and positively change the health of your employees. Whether your needs are large or small, our highly motivated team can tailor and bespoke a health assessment to fit your business. Health screening can easily be included in employee benefit packages. Speak to us to discuss an appropriate solution for your workforce and benefits scheme.

Salary sacrifice employer benefits

Employers save on the NI they have to pay for employees who take part in salary sacrifice.

How it works

Here’s how it might work for someone earning £30,000 a year during tax year 2015-16. Payment period is set at 12 months.

  • Monthly take-home pay after tax and NI: £1,957
  • Cost of Health assessment: £300 plus VAT of £60: £360
  • Employer purchases health assessment and reclaims VAT
  • VAT saving passed to employee, so salary sacrificed is: £300
  • Salary reduced to £29,700 for 12 months
  • Monthly take-home pay after tax and NI on £29,150: £1,940.27
  • Difference in monthly take-home pay for 12 months: £16.73
  • Total price paid for the health check is £200.76 (a saving of £159.24 to the employee)

Company savings

  • Example of Company NI savings based on a salary of £30,000 and NI contributions at 13.8% is £3027.72
  • Using the above example of £360 health assessment reduces the taxable salary to £29700 @ 13.8% is £2986.32
  • Saving the company £41.40
  • If a company has 500 employees opting for the health screening via salary sacrifice then this will save the company £20,700
  • Most health screening packages range form £200 to £700

* Amounts may vary slightly depending on other tax benefits the employee has, this is a generalised example of the typical savings an employee and employer would


Health Screening Packages

Onsite or at one of our partner clinics: available nationwide.

Organisations that promote health enjoy between 12% and 36% reductions in sickness absence, which translates to a saving of 34% of the cost of absenteeism. This indicates that every £1 you spend on health promotion could lead to a £2.50 saving for your business.