Mental Health Services

mhfaMany of our customers have asked us for assistance in building up the resilience of their employees and dealing with mental health issues among staff. We are therefore pleased to offer a set of courses to train managers and HR professionals in dealing with these issues.

Mental Health First Aid (2 Days)

Mental Health First Aid Standard (MHFA Standard) is an internationally recognised, evidence-based course. The course lasts two days, and can be delivered flexibly to meet your organisation’s needs.

Participants will learn how to:


tickSpot the early signs of a mental health problem
tickFeel confident helping someone experiencing a mental health problem
tickHelp prevent someone from hurting themselves or others
tickHelp stop a mental illness from getting worse
tickHelp someone recover faster
tickGuide someone towards the right support
tickReduce the stigma of mental health problems

Strengthening Personal Resilience (1 Day or Half Day)

This programme places personal resilience in the context of the workplace and highlights the influences, techniques and approaches that help individuals develop and sustain personal control and resilience at work. Its emphasis is on the preventation of stress with individuals taking responsibility themselves to approach challenging situations with robust attitudes so they remain resilient and grow their resilience further.

The learning outcomes from the programme are to:resilient

tickUnderstand why personal resilience is important
tickUnderstand the central characteristics of a resilient person
tickDiscover the degree of resilience that is already established in the individual
tickUnderstand how to embed the techniques and exercises into routine daily working lives
tickUnderstand how to strengthen personal resilience
tickIdentify the threats and events of routine and exceptional daily working lives for which resilience is needed

The Managers Role in Resilience (1 Day or Half Day)

The aim of this programme is to help managers strengthen their own resilience and to provide them with them some approaches to help the resilience of their people. The rationale is if a manager understands the psychology of what makes people resilient, he or she will apply process and techniques that ensure their people have few reasons to call on their own personal resilience, and they will provide their people with techniques and adopt processes that strengthen their peoples’ resilience.

The learning outcomes from the programme are to gain and understanding of:


tickWhat resilience means and why it is important
tickThe challenges for which resilience may be needed
tickThe role of managers in the resilience of their people
tickHow managers can prevent the need for their people to call on their resilience
tickHow to embed the techniques and excercises into routine daily working lives
tickHelp managers help their workforce achieve sustainable peak performance


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