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    Making the Access to Work application, assessment and delivery process efficient, manageable and effective.

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    Helping Employees Thrive at Work

    Everyone should have an equal opportunity to succeed in the workplace. That’s why the UK Government created the Access to Work scheme in 1994. Administered by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), the scheme aims to help disabled people start or stay in work. It pays for practical support and workplace adjustments for people with a disability, health or mental health condition. The money can be used for assistive technology, coaching, adaptations to the office environment, travelling to work and even disability awareness training for colleagues.

    As an experienced Access to Work assessment provider we’re able to help both employees and employers with the Access to Work application, Access to Work assessment, and subsequent adjustments to the workplace. This includes training, coaching, the supply of assistive-technology equipment and disability-awareness sessions. 

    Examples of who Access to Work helps includes: adults with ADHD, physically disabled people, individuals with a mental health condition and employees who have a learning barrier such as dyslexia.


    Expert Advice

    Receive guidance on all aspects of the Access to Work process including good practice for applications and employer contribution information.

    Assessment Service

    Let our qualified assessors determine what workplace adjustments an employee would benefit from based on a thorough requirements analysis.

    Equipment Supply

    Order the equipment an employee needs whether that be assistive technology for literacy tasks, mobility aids or visual magnifiers.

    Training Provision

    Take advantage of our training options to help employees learn to use new equipment or devise coping strategies for workplace success.


    Are Access to Work Grants Free?

    Employees do not have to pay anything towards an Access to Work grant. However, an employer may have to make either a partial or full contribution depending on the size of the organisation (number of employees) and the type of support required. 

    For companies with less than fifty employees, no contribution is required. In addition, certain support, such as disability awareness training, is fully funded regardless of company size. 

    Our advice on the Access to Work application process includes explaining company liability for support costs, and guidance on which support measures receive full funding.

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    Encourage Equality

    Creates a working environment where employees, who may have previously felt substantially disadvantaged, now feel as capable as anyone.

    Realise Potential

    Gives employees a platform to prove their true aptitude, capability and talent. Supporting adjustments make big differences.

    Maximise Business Advantages

    Increases productivity, reduces working time lost to absence and creates a happier overall workplace which benefits everyone.

    Streamline the Process

    Takes the stress out of completing the Access to Work application by providing a central point of contact for advice and application management.


    Access to Work is a UK government run scheme to fund, or partially fund, support in the workplace for people who need help, training or equipment in order to do their jobs. It can cover equipment supply, training, coaching, or other aids employees need to successfully carry out their job roles.
    People who have learning barriers, such as dyslexia, often benefit from additional learning support in the workplace. Whether in the form of assistive technology provision, training or coaching, additional support often encourages skills development, personal growth and opportunities for workplace progress.
    These are workplace adjustments which employers are required to make under the Equality Act 2010 to create the appropriate workplace conditions to enable employees to perform their job roles. They’re not eligible for Access to Work funding. Access to Work only covers “extra” help. Our advisors can help you determine what is a reasonable adjustment and what is eligible for Access to Work.
    Most applications are approved within two weeks. However, mistakes in the application form can lead to considerable delays. That’s why our expertise is invaluable in ensuring that applications succeed first time around.
    Contact a ToHealth advisor on 01925 909 614, or email [email protected]