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    Help employees surmount obstacles to success with neurodiversity training and the development of supporting strategies.

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    Guiding Employees to Overcome their Barriers

    Neurodiversity training and neurodiversity coaching are important parts of implementing reasonable adjustments in a work environment. Whether an employee has dyslexia, is on the autism spectrum, faces mental health challenges or is adversely affected by another neurodiverse condition, our neurodiversity training and coaching provision helps individuals implement practices for positive change. 

    As assistive-technology specialists, we’re well placed to provide comprehensive neurodiversity training and support to help employees get the most from new equipment or software. Similarly, our neurodiversity coaching gives employees the techniques, strategies and good practice required to make previously challenging tasks achievable and sustainable. 

    Our services are not limited to neurodiverse employees. All members of staff can benefit from our neurodiversity awareness training.


    Experienced Personnel

    Our qualified training team have the expertise to deliver neurodiversity training and coaching across a range of disabilities and barriers.

    Flexible Packages

    We devise and deliver sessions, programmes and training courses to suit employee availability and employer demands.

    Awareness Training

    Raise knowledge levels and perception of neurodiverse conditions and disabilities with our neurodiversity awareness training for all staff.

    AT Specialists

    Trust in our experience in providing assistive-technology products and training for a range of learning barriers.

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    Our Provision

    We provide neurodiversity in the workplace training, coaching and awareness sessions which cover: 

    • Dyslexia
    • Dyspraxia
    • Dyscalculia
    • Autism spectrum 
    • Mental health challenges
    • ADHD


    Equality Act Compliance

    Ensure your organisation meets the legal obligation to support staff with a disability or neurodiverse condition in the workplace.

    Inclusive Work Environment

    Provide a workplace environment where disability is recognised and supported to the benefit of the entire workforce. 

    Staff Confidence

    Give employees with a disability or learning challenge, the skills they need to develop belief in their own abilities.

    Efficient Processes

    Remove problematic workflow concerns by giving staff the tools and strategies they require to achieve parity with their colleagues.


    Neurodiverse conditions often present barriers to successful workplace performance. Our neurodiversity training seeks to redress those imbalances and provide working equivalence for individuals in any workplace environment.
    Our training and coaching apply to anyone who has a mental health condition, specific learning difficulty, or considers themselves to be on the neurodiversity spectrum. Our neurodiversity awareness sessions are suitable for all members of staff.
    By focusing on specific employee needs and addressing them with targeted neurodiversity training and coaching.
    Neurodiversity awareness sessions inform participants about the nature of mental health and neurodiverse conditions including dyslexia, autism and ADHD. Characteristics are covered, both positive and negative, as well as recognising neurodiversity in others, and strategies for managing neurodiversity at work.
    An awareness training course or session typically takes three hours.
    Contact a ToHealth advisor on 01925 909 614, or email [email protected]