Workplace Needs Assessment

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    Identify and address unique employee requirements with our workplace needs assessments which promote workplace health and wellbeing.

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    Giving Employees the Support They Need

    Employers have an obligation to make reasonable adjustments to the workplace to enable employees with disabilities to do their jobs. This can involve changes such as adaptations to the working environment, assistive technology provision, amendments to work schedules or extra training. The important part of this process is identifying the correct support measures for individuals based on their unique situations. ToHealth’s workplace needs assessments are an ideal way to ensure employees get the focused help they need to improve workplace health and wellbeing

    Our experienced workplace assessors work with employees and employers to build an accurate picture of an individual’s disability and how it affects job performance. The nature of the workplace health needs assessment is appropriate to the disability in question whether it involves a learning challenge such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, neurodiverse conditions, hearing loss, visual impairments or mobility issues.


    Comprehensive Reporting

    Build an informed view of an employee’s barriers with comprehensive assessment reports complied by our qualified assessors. 

    Suggestions for change

    Get recommendations for adjustments to comply with legislation and ensure a more rewarding workplace experience for employees. 

    Individual Spotlight

    Avoid the one-size-fits-all approach with our focus on the needs of the individual and specific requirements of the job.

    Experienced Staff

    Rely on the experience of our qualified workplace assessors and tried-and-tested adjustments which achieve results.


    Why do employers need to make reasonable adjustments?

    Section 20 of the Equality Act 2010 imposes a legal duty on employers in the UK to address workplace realities which place disabled people at a disadvantage compared to people who are not disabled. Our workplace needs assessments identify those disadvantages and offer suggestions for worthwhile change.

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    Support All Staff

    Empower line managers to make more informed decisions about how best to manage colleagues with a disability. 

    Realise Potential

    Create the conditions for employees with disabilities and neurodiverse conditions to achieve optimum levels of performance. 

    Underwrite Equality    

    Make a positive statement about workplace equality by making a commitment to fairness and equivalence in your organisation. 

    Early Identification

    Discover and address problems before they become serious health and wellbeing issues which can affect workplace equilibrium.


    Workplace health needs assessments identify barriers to performance. By discovering areas which demand change, improvements can be made to benefit the workplace environment for all.
    Our health needs assessments incorporate an informed analysis of an individual’s unique barriers to fulfilling working potential with focused recommendations for positive adjustments and change.
    Assessments identify problems and presents solutions. Implementing these changes makes the workplace an environment where anyone, regardless of disability, can contribute fully.
    A detailed analysis of an individual’s barriers to performance and recommendations for changes.