NHS Health Checks: Mobile Delivery Unit Success in London

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June 10, 2015
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November 30, 2016
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NHS Health Checks: Mobile Delivery Unit Success in London

ToHealth have recently completed a successful series of NHS Health Checks events across the Richmond area throughout June & July.

Across 11 days and 2 locations (Hampton and Teddington), a total of 118 eligible Service Users were given a free NHS Health Check. Our health check staff successfully identified:

23 (19.5%) patients with an elevated Blood Pressure

22 (18.6%) with an HDL: Total Cholesterol above the normal range

7 patients (from 36 eligible) with a raised HbA1c result.

Overall 31 (26.3%) patients had an identified cardiovascular QRISK score of >10%

These results led to over 40% being referred back to their GP practice for further cardiovascular investigation

In addition to GP referrals and healthcare staff Brief Intervention, 44 (over 37%) patients were referred to local follow up lifestyle services. These included 17 smokers, 7 ( 41% ) of whom agreed to a smoking cessation referral and of the 40% identified as overweight or obese, 26 ( over 50% ) agreed to a physical activity, dietary and/or weight management service.

25 (21%) of Service Users completed post NHS Health Check feedback.

88% stated that their Health Check had motivated them to make positive changes to their lifestyle  with a similar 88% stating they were” very satisfied”, and a further 12% “satisfied” with their experience – 64% stating Venue & Staff as the main reasons for their satisfaction. 96% said they were highly likely to recommend this service to a friend or relative.

Service User comments included “excellent services and staff”; “appreciated the mobile unit being close to where I live”; “More of this kind of service will be very much appreciated”.

For NHS Health Checks in Richmond: http://www.nhshealthchecks.com/richmond

For NHS Health Checks in your area: http://www.nhshealthchecks.com/

For further info on ToHealth NHS Health Checks: https://tohealthltd.co.uk/health-check-services/nhs-health-checks/

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