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Our Proactive Package is ideal if you’re looking for insight in to your current health and wellbeing status with lipid profile (cholesterol) and HbA1C (diabetes risk) testing. 

Sign up here to our ‘Know Your Numbers – Hidden Disease and Employee Health’ Webinar and you could win.

If you want more, you can BOLT-ON to your package with the following options:

  • PAM Resilience Programme
  • PAM Life

PAM Resilience Programme:

The PAM Resilience Programme utilises Firstbeat wearable technology to assess the physiological responses that individuals are experiencing across their day-to-day activities. This programme not only highlights stress occurrences and their physiological impact, but effectively monitors recovery, too.

By highlighting and understanding which activities restore energy and aid recovery, an individual can apply themselves differently to reduce the impact of their stressors and improve restorative activity. The capacity to achieve this contributes to increased physical and mental resilience and enables individuals to reach their health and performance potential.

The PAM Resilience Programme is suitable for those looking to gain insight into their currently lifestyle and understand what they can do to better manage stress, enhance recovery and exercise right.

PAM Life:

Evidence suggests that strict rules and punishing programmes aren’t effective in the long term. If you want to make a change for good, you need to change your mindset. 

The PAM Life app is a the only app you’ll need to boost your health, nutritional, fitness, mental and financial wellbeing. We believe that to thrive, you need the right mindset; a healthy mind enables top performance. Our carefully curated digital tools, advice and content have been developed by experienced wellness professionals to promote and develop a positive, active and motivated lifestyle.

     Key Features:

  • Wellness Dashboard and Unique PAM Life Score
  • Stepping Stones – Healthy Habits Tracking Tool
  • Mind Matters – Mindfulness and Meditation Space
  • Thoughtful Thinking – CBT Support Programme
  • Expert Exchange – Interviews and Insights with Leading Wellness Professionals
  • Inspiring Ideas – Motivation and Resilience Hub
  • Curated Courses – Interactive, 10-step guided courses
  • Move Medicine – Virtual Gym with dozens of home workout videos
  • Food Friend – Calorie and Nutrition Scanning Tool
  • Coach Chat – Live chat function with expert coaches
  • 1:2:1 Wellness Coaching – Available