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ToHealth have been involved with the NHS Health Check programme since its inception and we have delivered many different styles of projects.

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Community Outreach

Where commissioners are finding that the traditional GP led model is not reaching sections of the community, we are often commissioned to provide an overlay service. By delivering health checks in a variety of settings, we can reach people who would not respond to an invitation to visit their GP.

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Workplace Settings

With the push for a healthier NHS, we have been commissioned by a number of NHS bodies and local authority organisations to deliver NHS Health Checks for their staff. We perform this work on site anywhere in England
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Health Check Software

Our software platform – Smart-Heart-Score – is the basis for our own projects but is used by other organisations as well. The software is uniquely patient centric – intending to be viewed by the patient and the health professional conducting the health check. The software guides each step of the check – ensuring completeness and consistency. A personalised results page is printed
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