Why Prevention is Better than Cure When it Comes to Employee Health

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Why Prevention is Better than Cure When it Comes to Employee Health

Why Prevention is Better than Cure When it Comes to Employee Health

A Point of View by Robin Skinner

In 2013, the UK lost 131 MILLION days due to sickness absence – that’s 4.4 days per worker per year. But what are you doing to mitigate such issues within your business?

The figures, from the Office for National Statistics, also show a person in a company with 50 to 499 workers was nearly
a third (31%) more likely to be off work due to sickness than someone working in a place with fewer than 25 others.

That is why at ToHealth we believe prevention is always better than cure. With our onsite healthchecks, we can provide early detection of some of the most common problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and stress.

This can reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, create an inclusive caring culture with high morale and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Our own research has found 59% of employees in the private sector would be likely to attend a 30-minute healthcheck onsite. Among 18-24 year olds, this was 67%.

And while half of those we questioned (51%) believed their employer had a responsibility for their own health and wellbeing, 30% felt their employer didn’t actually care.

A mere 7% of employees actually have access to both private healthcare and an onsite healthcheck offering huge room for improvement. Two thirds (67%) without access to one said they would be interested in attending.

For the business it offers a baseline of your company’s overall health and gives an objective measure to work from when deciding on offering lifestyle education or healthy perks such as gym membership or cycle to work schemes.

Our research shows it is valued by the workforce. This makes attracting new staff and retaining existing experienced employees easier.

We have an up to 80% attendance rate for our onsite healthchecks. The same percentage of HR professionals booking them say they would recommend us to others.

The ONS data also shows 15 million sickness days in 2013 were caused by the likes of anxiety and depression.

We find mental health issues are becoming increasingly more common and they are as important as physical conditions.

Employees are now more aware of the impact their lifestyle can have on their long-term health and they want the opportunity to check what issues they could be storing up for the future.

A ToHealth onsite healthcheck offers your employees confidential early detection of these problems and greater peace of mind.

And it shows your workforce you value them highly and want to invest in ensuring they stay an integral and healthy part of your business.


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