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You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat

“Eat a Mediterranean diet and you will live longer” say scientists (British Medical Journal Nov 2014).

This well-conducted study seems consistent with the fact that a healthy diet may lead to significant improvements in health.

What is this diet?

The basis of this diet originates from countries such as Italy and Greece where there is a higher consumption of fruits and vegetables, olive oil, legumes and fish. By adopting a healthier option and following the Mediterranean diet, researchers believe that you will reduce your chances of developing health conditions such as heart diseases, raised blood pressure and diabetes.

The main components of the foundation of this longevity diet are the following;

  • Eating more fish and poultry.
  • Cut down on red meat and processed meats.
  • Using olive oil instead of fat and butter.
  • Increase intake of fruits and vegetables, nuts and grains, having them as snacks and/ or adding them to your cooking recipes.
  • Limit the intake of alcohol
  • Using herbs and spices to replace salt intake.

It can take a lot of resistance and will power to stay away from rich food and curb the intake of alcohol.

How to resist temptation without spoiling the fun!

Despite many signing up to diets in the New Year, it can still be huge challenge for some not to over indulge. Yet it is true that a little of what you fancy won’t hurt – it is the excessive over indulgence that we need to think about.

Smaller plates

It is tempting to want to fill up a dinner plate of food. Why not try changing dinner plates to medium sized ones and this way; you dish up smaller portions, which is still satisfying.

Eat in moderation

Try and focus on healthier options, for example the Mediterranean diet although practising it and eating in moderation is easier said than done. It is okay to indulge in something that isn’t so good for you now and again as it is about avoiding excess rather than eliminating these type of food. So go on, have that unresisting trifle but have a small portion and avoiding treats the next day.

Go easy with the alcohol!

Alcohol is something most of us enjoy and therefore it is important to know the sensible drinking limits.

The NHS recommends:

  • Men should not regularly drink more than 3-4 units of alcohol a day
  • Women should not regularly drink more than 2-3 units a day
  • If you’ve had a heavy drinking session, try avoiding alcohol for 48 hours

Healthier appetisers and snacks

Some of these pre dinner snacks and appetisers are high in fats and salt content and once our taste buds are used to these cravings, it is difficult to cut back. These tasty and sugary snacks have a roller coaster effect on your body, giving you a burst of energy followed by a crash. Why not go for healthier nibbles using delicious canapés, spreads and dips, which are also, crowd pleasing.

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