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Get Assistive Technology Confident with Studdie

Studdie from ToHealth offers accessible, supportive technology focused resources to help users learn, develop and thrive.

Assistive technology helps users improve their study skills and achievement potential. Applications including Texthelp Read&Write, Matchware MindView and Glean materially enhance the reading, writing, organising and note-taking experience. They enable people to overcome learning barriers, reduce anxiety and increase confidence.

To use these products effectively, users need to know all of their features and how to access them. As a complement to face-to-face training, there’s a need for a comprehensive knowledge resource that satisfies individual learning styles, offers flexible access and supports a learner through the process of gaining proficiency with new software. That’s why ToHealth created Studdie – an online partner for all assistive-technology users.

Studdie Features:

  • Guided and self-navigable learning resources
  • Rate your confidence levels – see where to focus your time!
  • Create simple reminders to track important dates and events
  • Clear design, simple to navigate, easy-to-find resources!
  • Some daily inspiration to keep you motivated!

Studdie offers e-learning resources covering the major assistive-technology products and more. Learners choose what and how they want to learn via open learning paths and bitesize materials, including video guides. Tuition is approachable, involving and user-focused.

Studdie also recognises that learning must be rooted in real-world experience. In addition to dedicated assistive-technology courses, the platform offers resources to help users integrate their new knowledge into their personal development. This includes study-skill improvements, increasing employability potential and techniques for better communication.

In addition, Studdie has resources aimed at promoting physical and mental wellbeing. Learners can access materials, including articles and podcasts, focused on improving diet, health, fitness and social integration. Developed by qualified wellbeing professionals and accredited cognitive behavioural therapists, Studdie’s wellness resources help users stay balanced, motivated and ready to grow.

Using this three-fold approach, users can learn, develop and thrive using an online resource that’s been designed to be accessible, flexible and easy-to-use. Each Studdie user benefits from activity tracking, skills monitoring, personalised recommendations, learning reminders, and motivational quotes. Information is easy-to-find, clearly laid out and meets common accessibility standards.

Assistive technology offers the prospect of fundamentally improving how people learn, work and grow. To get the most from it, users need to fully grasp the basics of each product and have an understanding of their nuances. Studdie supports learners through their own assistive-technology journey and helps them apply their new skills to their study, work and life commitments.

Want to learn more about Studdie?

Why not join us at our upcoming webinars where we will be going through Studdie, its features and benefits and who to get access! We have two options, one on Monday 20th June at 10am BST and the other on Monday 27th June at 2pm BST. Both events are entirely free and open to all!

Can’t make the webinars? No problem! To find out more about how Studdie helps assistive-technology users, please contact:

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