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ToHealth’s in-house e learning provision provides you with a gateway to flexible, online training for your employees. Courses offer interactive modules, videos and quizzes to keep your colleagues engaged throughout their learning.

Our online health and wellbeing courses are in-depth and comprehensive, but manageable for your employees to complete. On average, courses take 30 to 60-minutes to complete and can be accessed anywhere and at any time, making them the perfect solution for field-based workers or those tight on time. The majority of or courses are CPD certified.

“Our passion is to enable individuals to thrive in the workplace to drive equality and performance”

E-Learning Modules

360-degree training options
This enables ToHealth to support the individual in additional ways besides one-on-one training. E-learning content provides reinforcement for the learner and valuable additional resources accessible anytime, anywhere. With short term working memory being a huge barrier for most neurodiverse conditions, having a training session which can then be supplemented through the LMS further helps remove barriers to individual development.

The platform provides in-built learning module and course options which can be combined to create distinctive learning experiences.

We can host interactive resources which offer a more involving, active experience than courses which only offer passive learning such as text-and-video based courses. This improves both course value and learning potential.

Our system will integrate a chat function which will enable us toguide the end user through any struggles they may be experiencing. This enables a better customer-service journey for the end user.

Courses are developed using the latest learning management features:

  • Interactive, engaging resources
  • Courses unique to ToHealth
  • Responsive design for multi-device learning
  • Bespoke to your company’s needs
  • Available 24/7

“ToHealth’s in-house learning provision provides you with a gateway to flexible, online training for your employees.”