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What is a Health Screening?

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What is a wellbeing health screening? Ask someone to tell you their mobile phone number, their national Insurance number, or even their grandparent’s old landline number and more often than not these will be recited back to you without much thought. Some numbers just seem to stick.

Ask that same person if they know their blood pressure though, or perhaps their cholesterol or current weight. And you may be be surprised to learn that they can’t recall that vital health information quite so easily, if at all.

There are five measurements which are crucial indicators of our overall health and considering the risk of lifestyle related illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other obesity related health complications, it would be beneficial to know these numbers too.

A wellbeing health screening identifies these vital numbers and enables you to keep better track of your health. It includes measures on:

  • Blood Pressure,
  • Blood Cholesterol,
  • Blood Glucose,
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Waist circumference.

Depending on the package chosen, your health screening may also include body composition, lung health, cancer tests and further comprehensive blood tests, all of which support your journey to improved health.

What can I expect at a ToHealth health screening?

You will have dedicated time with a qualified ToHealth clinician who will guide you through a series of assessments and provide you with solutions to improve or maintain your health markers onwards. Support can also be provided should you need it.

At the end of your assessment, you’ll receive a personalized report and a twelve month action plan to support you on your journey to better health. This assessment is confidential and your results will be anonymized.

Your wellbeing health assessment is all about you.

Is it just one size fits all?

Just as every person is unique, we know that there can’t be a one size fits all solution for all companies. As mentioned above, ToHealth has a wide variety of packages available that can be bespoke and customised to fit YOUR needs.

These can range from a 20 minute Health MOT, right up to our full 90 minute Executive package. There are also a variety of add-ons we offer including, FIT bowel cancer screening, prostate cancer screening and more.

There are also a variety of delivery options available to best fit with your needs:

  • Online
  • Onsite
  • In one of our clinics all around the UK

How do I book my health screening?

Again, this can be customised to best fit your needs but most likely it will be via your company’s bespoke portal. so look out for a link to this being sent to you.

This will be sent to you by your employer. Once you have received it, log on and select your preferred assessment date, time and location. You’ll receive an email confirmation once you’ve made your booking and an email reminder 24 hours before your assessment. We look forward to seeing you.

Need more information about our different health screening packages?

Check out our full range of packages and if you want more information on how to get started with your health screening package, get in touch today!

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