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What are the Health Risks faced by today’s Construction Workers?

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In the UK alone there are over 2.5 million individuals employed to work within the construction industry (2.69 million to precise), with the sector seeing continuous year-on-year growth. However, with the appeal that this sector offers to those individuals, there are also a number of health risks associated with it.

In actual fact, construction workers in the UK are at a higher risk for a number of health issues than the general population. These risks include:

  1. Musculoskeletal disorders: Construction workers are at a high risk for developing musculoskeletal disorders such as back pain, knee pain, and repetitive strain injuries due to the heavy lifting and repetitive motions required on the job.
  2. Respiratory problems: Workers in the construction industry are exposed to a number of respiratory hazards, including dust, fumes, and chemicals. This can lead to conditions such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
  3. Noise-induced hearing loss: Construction sites can be extremely loud, and workers are often exposed to high levels of noise for extended periods of time. This can lead to hearing loss, which can be permanent.
  4. Skin diseases: Construction workers are at a high risk for developing skin diseases due to exposure to dust, chemicals, and the sun.
  5. Cardiovascular disease: Construction workers are at a higher risk for developing cardiovascular disease due to the physical demands of the job, exposure to dust and other pollutants, and the stress of working in a high-pressure environment.
  6. Mental health issues: Construction workers are at a higher risk for developing mental health issues such as depression and anxiety due to the stress of the job, long hours, and isolation.

How can ToHealth support this sector?

ToHealth Ltd, a leader in workplace health and safety, offers a range of solutions to help construction companies minimize these risks having supported this industry for a number of years, from small local companies, to organisations covering nationwide jobs. This support includes:

  1. Ergonomic assessments: ToHealth’s team of ergonomic experts can conduct assessments of construction sites to identify potential risks and provide recommendations for reducing those risks.
  2. Personal protective equipment: By being part of the larger PAM Group organisation, we have access to resources that enable a full end-to-end service, providing a wide range of personal protective equipment, including respirators, earplugs, and safety goggles, to help protect construction workers from hazards.
  3. Health screenings: ToHealth can provide regular health screenings to detect and prevent health issues, such as respiratory problems and musculoskeletal disorders. With a range of options and delivery methods available, we can can create a bespoke package that fits your exact needs.
  4. Training and education: By specialising in providing training and education for construction worker, ToHealth is able to train on topics such as ergonomics, respiratory protection, and hearing conservation. Again these webinars and workshops come in a variety of topics and can be delivered online or in-person.
  5. Mental health support: ToHealth provides counselling and support for construction workers who may be struggling with mental health issues.

As seen from the above, construction workers in the UK face a higher level of health risk than the general population. ToHealth offers a range of solutions, including ergonomic assessments, personal protective equipment, health screenings, training and education, and mental health support, to help construction companies minimize these risks and protect the health of their workers.

How can I find out more?

If you’re looking to find out more about how ToHealth can support your construction business with the above support options, or looking to discuss a more bespoke solution, we’d love to hear from you today, just answer a few quick questions and one of our team will be back in touch ASAP.

We are also running a free webinar this month (on Jan 25th at 10:30am) discussing what exactly a health screening is and why they are so important in today’s workplace. Sign up to secure free spot today.

Looking for more from ToHealth?

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